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ὠσχός , , in pl. ὠσχοί: τὰ νέα κλήματα σὺν αὐτοῖς τοῖς βότρυσιν, Hsch., cf. AB318: sg., Aristodem. ap. Ath.11.495f, cf. οἰσχός: κλῆμα βότρυας φέρον ὀργῶντας καὶ γενναίους, καὶ ὀσχοφόρια (v. sq.), τὰ τῆς ἀμπέλου κλήματα περιέχοντα βότρυας, παρὰ Ἀριστοφάνει, EM619.32 (v. infr.), whence Brunck conjectured ὄσχον for the Aldine reading ὄρχον in Ar.Ach.997, where codd. and Sch. have the unmetrical κλάδον (one Ms. κάδον); perh. ὠσχόν shd. be read, as the ὠ- is corroborated by EM824.55, and by ὠσχοφόρια, etc.:—ὄσχοι, the reading adopted by Littré from three codd. in Hp.Mul.2.204, gives a poorer sense than ὄχοι (v.
A.ὄχος11.2), the reading of many good Mss. (incl. Vind. θ) : ὄσχος in Sch.Od.5.38 is apparently f.l. for ὀσχεός, cf. Sch.A Il.24.94. [The ὠ- of this and the foll. words, for which ὀ- is an occasional v. l., is found in the best codd. and is corroborated by the position of the word in the ancient lexica.]
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