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Ὠκεα^νός , οῦ, ,
A.Oceanus, son of Uranus and Gaia, Hes.Th. 133: wedded to Tethys, father of Thetis, Il.14.302, 18.399; and of all the Oceanids, Hes.Th.337 sqq., A.Pr.140 (anap.); god of the primeval water, and source of all smaller waters, Il.21.195 sqq., Hes.Th.368; “Ὠκεανὸν θεῶν γένεσινIl.14.201; ποταμοῖο ῥέεθρα Ὠκεανοῦ, ὅσπερ γένεσις πάντεσσι τέτυκται ib.246; conceived as a great River which compasses the earth's disc, returning into itself, “ἀψόρροοςIl.18.399, Od.20.65; represented as encircling the shield of Achilles, Il.18.607, cf. Hes.Sc.314; “Ὠκεάνω γᾶς τ᾽ ἀπὺ περράτωνAlc.84; . ἀκαλαρρείτης, βαθύρροος, βαθυρρείτης, Il.7.422, 21.195; ῥόος Ὠκεανοῖς, ῥοαὶ ., 16.151, 3.5 (so “., παγαίPi.Fr.30.2; “Ἴναχενᾶτορ, παῖ τοῦ κρηνῶν πατρὸς ὨκεανοῦS.Fr.270 (anap.)); criticized by Hdt.οὔ τινα ἔγωγε οἶδα ποταμὸν . ἐόντα2.23, cf. 4.8, Str.1.1.7: but “Ὠκεανὸς ὃν ταυρόκρανος ἀγκάλαις ἑλίσσων κυκλοῖ χθόναE.Or.1377 (lyr.).
II. later the name of the great Outward Sea, opp. to the Inward or Mediterranean (θάλασσα, πόντος), Hdt., Pi.P.4.26, 251; “τὴν Εὐρώπην καὶ τὴν Ἀσίαν καὶ τὴν Λιβύην νήσους εἶναι ἃς περιρρεῖν κύκλῳ τὸν ὨκεανόνTheopomp.Hist.Fr.74a), cf. Arist.Mu.393a17; . βόρειος, ἑσπέριος, κατὰ μεσημβρίαν, Plu.Mar.11, Ant.61, D.S.17.96; Πρεττανικός, Γερμανικός, Καντάβριος, etc., Ptol.Geog.2.3.3, 2.3.4, 2.6.3, al.
III. metaph., . χρημάτων oceans of wealth, Lyd. Mag.3.62 (pl.); πραγμάτων ib.2.7.
IV. ὠκεανέ bravo! in acclamations, POxy.41.4 (iii/iv A. D., ωκαιαναι and ωκααναι Pap.: an exaggeration of Νεῖλος similarly used, Jo.Chrys. περὶ κενοδοξίας cap.8 Schulte).
V. Pythag. name for 9, Theol.Ar.57.
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