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ἀλέξω [α^], Ep. inf.
A.ἀλεξέμεναι, -έμενHom., v. infr.: fut. “ἀλεξήσωIl.9.251: aor. opt. “ἀλεξήσειεOd.3.346:—Med., fut. “ἀλεξήσομαιHdt. 8.81,108.—Besides these tenses (formed as if from ἀλεξέω), we find others formed from ἀλέκω , fut.ἀλέξω, aor. ἤλεξα (v.sub ἀπ-αλέξω):— Med., fut. “ἀλέξομαιS.OT171,539, X.An.7.7.3: aor. “ἀλέξασθαιIl., Hp.Salubr.1, Hdt.7.207, X.An.1.3.6,al.:—for aor. 2 ἄλαλκε, ἀλκαθεῖν, v. sub vocc. (Cf. Skt. raák[snull ]ati `protect'):—ward off, turn aside, constructed like ἀμύνω:—c. acc. rei, “Ζεὺς τό γ᾽ ἀλεξήσειεOd.3.346: c. acc. rei et dat. pers., Δαναοῖσιν ἀλεξήσειν κακὸν ἦμαρ will ward it off from them, Il.9.251, cf. 20.315; “ἀλλήλοις . . ἀλεξέμεναι φόνον αἰπύν17.365, etc.: c. dat. pers. only, assist, defend, “ἀλεξέμεν ἀλλήλοισινIl. 3.9, cf. 5.779, al., X.Cyr.4.3.2: abs., lend aid, Il.1.590:—Med., ἀλέξασθαι keep off from oneself, “κύνας ἠδὲ καὶ ἄνδραςIl.13.475, cf. Hdt.7.207; ἀλέξεσθαι περί τινι or τινος, A.R.4.551,1488: abs., defend one self, Il.11.348, 15.565, Archil.66, Hdt.1.211, 2.63,al., Hp. l.c., S. OT539, X.Cyr.1.5.13: c. dat. instrum., “οὐδ᾽ ἔνι φροντίδος ἔγχος, τις ἀλέξεταιS.OT171.
2. in Med., also, recompense, requite, “τοὺς εὖ καὶ κακῶς ποιοῦντας ἀλεξόμενοςX.An.1.9.11.—Not in A. or E. (exc. ἀπ-).
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