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ἄλογος , ον,
A.without λόγος, hence,
I. speechless, Pl.Lg.696e. Adv. “-ωςwithout speech, S.OC131, Isoc.3.9:—. ἡμέρα, = Lat. dies nefastus, on which no business may be done, Luc.Lex.9.
b. lacking in eloquence, LXX Ex.6.12.
2. inexpressive, Pl. Tht.203a; unutterable, = ἄρρητος, S.Fr.262.
II. unreasoning, ἡδονή, ὄχλος, etc., Pl.R.591c, Ti.42d, etc.; “τὰ ἄλογαbrutes, animals, Democr.164, Pl.Prt.321b, X.Hier.7.3; late Greek, ἄλογον, τό, = horse, POxy. 138.29 (610 A.D.), PGen.14 (late).
2. not according to reason, irrational, . δόξα, opp. μετὰ λόγου δ., Pl.Tht.201c; ἀλόγῳ πάθει τὴν . συνασκεῖν αἴσθησιν, instinctive feeling, in appreciating works of art, D.H.Lys.11; “. πάθοςId.Comp.23.
3. contrary to reason, absurd, Th.6.85, Pl.Tht.203d; unaccountable, unintelligible, Lys.26.19; unfit, unsuited to its end, Th.1.32; groundless, Plb.3.15.9; “ἀηδίαPRyl.144.15 (38 A.D.). Adv. most freq. in this sense, Pl.R. 439d, etc.; “οὐκ . οὐδ᾽ ἀκαίρωςIsoc.15.10: Sup. “-ώταταPhld.Ir. p.44 W.
III. without reckoning:
1. not reckoned upon, unexpected, Th.6.46 (Comp.).
2. not counted, null and void,ἡμέραιLXX Nu.6.12.
3. Act., not having paid one's reckoning, of an ἐρανιστής, EM70.31.
IV. of magnitudes, incommensurable, περὶ ἀλόγων γραμμῶν, title of work by Democr., cf. Arist.APo. 76b9, LI968b18, Euc.10.Def.10, etc.
2. in Rhythm, irrational, of feet or syllables whose time-relations cannot be expressed by a simple ratio, “χορεῖοςAristox.Rhyth.2.20; ἄλογοι, sc. συλλαβαί, D.H. Comp.20:—in Music, “. διαστήματαPlu.2.1145d:—of the pulse, unrhythmical, Herophil. ap.Ruf.Syn.Puls.4.3.
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