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ἄρνυ^μαι , imper.
A.ἄρνυσοSapph.75, Trag.Adesp.4: fut. ἀρέομαι [α^] Pi.P.1.75, Att. “ἀροῦμαιS.OC460, Aj.75, Pl.Lg.969a: aor. 2 ἀρόμην [α^] Il.11.625, 23.592 (augm. 3sg. ἤρετο only as v.l. for ἤρατο, cf. ἀείρω); subj. “ἄρηαιHes. Op.632, “ἄρηταιIl.12.435; opt. “ἀροίμην18.121, S.El.34, etc.; inf. “ἀρέσθαιIl.16.88, S.Aj.246 (lyr.); part. ἀρόμενος A.Eu.168 (lyr.):—win, gain, esp. of honour or reward, in pres. and impf. often with additional idea of striving, ἀρνύμενος πατρός τε μέγα κλέος maintaining . . , Il.6.446; “κλέος ἐσθλὸν ἄροιτο5.3; “κῦδος ἀρέσθαι9.303, Od.22.253, Pi.N.9.46; “ἵν᾽ οἴκαδε κέρδος ἄρηαιHes.Op. 632; “οὐχ ἱερήϊον οὐδὲ βοείην ἀρνύσθηνIl.22.160; “ἀέθλια ποσσὶν ἄροντο9.124; ἀρνύμενος ἥν τε ψυχὴν καὶ νόστον ἑταίρων trying to win, striving to secure . . , Od.1.5; exact, of atonement, “τιμὴν ἀρνύμενοι ΜενελάῳIl. 1.159; “ὅτῳ τρόπῳ πατρὸς δίκας ἀροίμην τῶν φονευσάντων πάραS.El.34; simply, receive,καί κεν τοῦτ᾽ ἐθέλοιμι Διός γε διδόντος ἀρέσθαιOd.1.390; “ὧν . . τὴν μάθησιν ἄρνυμαιS.Tr.711, etc.; “κράτος ἄρνυταιId.Ph.838 (lyr.); “τὴν δόκησιν .E.Andr.696; “ἕλκος ἀρέσθαιIl.14.130; = λαβεῖν in “ποδοῖν κλοπὰν .S.Aj.247 (lyr.); “ἄγος .A.Eu.168 (lyr.); win reputation for . . , “δειλίαν ἀρῇS.Aj.75 (cf. Hsch.); “τόλμαν . . ἀρομένῳPi.N.7.59: rare in Prose, exc. in the phrase “μισθὸν ἄρνυσθαιPl.Prt.349a, R.346c, Lg.813e, Arist.Pol.1287a36, cf. “ἀρ[έσ]θαι μισθόνIG12(9).1273-4iii1 (Eretria); also “ δ᾽ ἂν ἄνδρα ἑωυτῇ ἄρηταιHp.Aër.17; δίκαν ηαρέσται καὶ δόμεν ( = λαβεῖν καὶ δοῦναι) IG9(1).334.32 (Locr.); “ζωὴν αἰσχρὰν .strive to save, Pl.Lg.944c: rarely in bad sense, ἀρνύμενος λώβαν λύμας ἀντίποιν᾽ ἐμᾶς reaping destruction as the penalty of . . , E.Hec.1073 (lyr.).
II. take up, bear, carry (perh. by confusion with ἄρασθαι)“, οὐδ᾽ ἂν νηῦς . . ἄχθος ἄροιτοIl.20.247. (Root : er: or, cf. τιμά-ορος 'one who exacts atonement'.)
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