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ἀδι^κέω , Aeol. ἀδι-ήω Sapph.1.20, Dor. ἀδι-ίω Tab.Heracl.1.138: Ion. impf. ἠδίκεον or
A.-ευνHdt.1.121:—Pass., fut. in med. form “ἀδικήσομαιE.IA1436, Th.5.56, etc.; also “ἀδικηθήσομαιApollod.1.9.23, etc.: —to be ἄδικος, do wrong (defined by Arist.Rh.1368b6 τὸ βλάπτειν ἑκόντα παρὰ τὸν νόμον, cf. ἀδίκημα)“, τῶν ἀδικησάντων τίσις ἔσσεταιthose who have sinned, h.Cer.367; freq. in Hdt. and Att.; τἀδικεῖν wrong-doing, S.Ant.1059; τὸ μὴ ἀδικεῖν righteous dealing, A.Eu.85,749:— in legal phrase, do wrong in the eye of the law, the particular case being added in part., as “Σωκράτης . . . ποιῶν . . καὶ διδάσκωνPl.Ap.19b, cf. X.Mem.1.1.1: c. acc. cogn., ἀδικίαν, ἀδικήματα, etc., Pl.R.344c, 409a, cf. Arist.Rh.1389b7; also “. οὐδὲν ἄξιον δεσμοῦHdt.3.145; . πολλά, μεγάλα, etc., Pl.Smp.188a, al.; οὐδέν, μηδὲν . ib., al.:—“. περὶ τὰ μυστήριαD.21.175, cf. IG2.811c154; . εἰς πόλιν, κτῆμα, Lib. Or.15.39, 31.7:—in games or contests, play foul, Ar.Nu.25, Arist. EN1123b32.
b. in pres., to be in the wrong, εἰ μὴ ἀδικῶ γε if I am not mistaken, Pl.Chrm.156a.
II. trans. c. acc. pers., wrong, injure, Archil.Supp.2.13, Sapph.1.20, Epich.286, Hdt.1.112, etc.:— ruin, of a girl, Men.Georg.30: c. dupl. acc., wrong one in a thing, Ar. Pl.460; “ πολλοὺς ὑμῶν ἠδίκηκενD.21.129; “μείζον᾽ ἐλάττονα . τινά20.124; “. ἀδικίαν περί τιναςPl.Lg.854e:—Pass., to be wronged, injured, “μὴ δῆτ᾽ ἀδικηθῶS.OC174; “. εἴς τιE.Med.265; “μέγιστα .Aeschin.3.84; “οὔτ᾽ ἀδικεῖ οὔτ᾽ ἀδικεῖταιPl.Smp.196b, etc.; pres. ἀδικεῖται, -ούμενος used for the pf. ἠδίκηται, -ημένος (v. supr. 1), Antipho 4.4.9, Pl.R.359a: c. acc., to be defrauded of, μισθὸν ἀδικίας v.l. in 2 Ep.Pet.2.13.
2. harm, injure, “. γῆνTh.2.71, etc.; “ἵππονX.Eq.6.3; esp. in Medical sense, “ἄνθρωπονHp.Nat.Hom.9; “νεφρούςDiph.Siph. ap. Ath.2.62f; “τέμνειν καὶ θλᾶν καὶ ὁπωσοῦν ἄλλως .Gal. UP13.8, cf. Archig. ap. Philum.Ven.14.
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