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ἀνα_λίσκω E.IT337, Ar.Th.1131, Th.7.48:—also ἀνα_λόω Hp.VM 10, A.Th.813, E.Med.325, Ar.Pl.248, Arar.10, Th.2.24, al., Democr. 280, X.Hier.11.1: impf.
A.ἀνήλισκονPl.R.552b, X.Cyr.1.2.16, “ἀνάλισκονApp.BC3.58, “ἀνάλουνAr.Fr.220.2, Th.8.45: fut. “ἀνα_λώσωE. Cyc.308, Pl.R.568d: aor. “ἀνήλωσαS.Aj.1049, Lys.19.18, etc., ἀνάλωσα [α_] E.El.681 (s. v. l.) and later: pf. “ἀνήλωκαLys.26.3, etc., and ἀνάλωκα [α_] Th.2.64 codd. and later:—Pass., fut. “ἀνα_λωθήσομαιE. Hipp.506, D.22.19, wrongly “ἀνηλωθήσομαιPRev.Laws51.17 (iii B.C.), “ἀνα_λώσομαιGal.15.129: aor. ἀνηλώθην and ἀνα_λώθην: pf. ἀνήλωμαι and ἀνάλωμαι:—in Attic Inscrr. both forms are found in cent. v, ἀναλίσκω only from cent. iv onwards. The augmented forms are sts. wrongly used, “ἀνηλοῦντιPOxy.1143 (i A. D.), “ἀνηλώσῃPStrassb.92.17 (iii B. C.); cf. ἀνήλωμα: ἀνάλωσα is found at Amorgos, IG12(7).22.16, and at Delos, ib.11(2).161A114:—use up, spend, Ar.Pl.381: abs., ib.248; “τὰ ἀναλωθέντα ἀποδοῦναιTh.1.117; . εἴς τι spend upon a thing, Id.7.83, Ar.Fr.220, Pl.Phd.78a, R.561a, al.; “πρός τιD.3.19; “ὑπὲρ φιλοτιμίαςId.18.66: c. dat., Ἰσοκράτει ἀργύριον . spend money in paying him, Id.35.40:—Pass., “τἀνηλωμέναthe monies expended Id.18.113; “τοῦτο γὰρ μόνον οὐκ ἔστι τἀνάλωμ᾽ ἀναλωθὲν λαβεῖνE.Supp. 776.
3. consume,σιτίαHp.VM10; “κρέαPaus.10.4.10; of animals, in Pass., to be eaten, Pl.Prt.321b:— Pass., to be expended, εἰς τὴν πιμελήν in forming fat, Arist.GA727b1, al.
II. of persons, kill, destroy,τοὺς ἀναλωθένταςA.Ag.570, cf. S.OT1174, Fr.892, E.El.681, Th.8.65:—Med. kill oneself, Id.3.81: —Pass., to be consumed, perish, Pl.Plt.272d; to be disposed of, got rid of, ib.289c. (ἀνά, ἁλίσκομαι.
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