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ἀνιάω [α^ν], S.Aj.266, etc.: 3sg. impf. ἠνία ib.273, Pl.Grg.502a: fut. ἀνιάσω [α_ς] X.An.3.3.19, Ep.
A.ἀνιήσωHom.: aor. “ἠνία_σαAnd.1.50, etc.; Dor. “ἀνία_σαTheoc.2.23: pf. “ἠνία_καHld.7.22:—Pass., “ἀνιῶμαιOd.15.335, etc., Ion. 3pl. opt. “ἀνιῴατοHdt.4.130: 3pl. impf. “ἠνιῶντοX.Cyr.6.3.10: fut. “ἀνιάσομαιAr.Fr.488.11, X.Mem.1.1.8 (ἀνιαθήσομαι only in Gal.Anim.Pass.9); Ep. 2sg. “ἀνιήσεαιThgn.991: aor. “ἠνιάθηνX.HG6.4.20; Ion. “-ήθηνIl.2.291: pf. “ἠνΐημαιMosch. 4.3: the aor. Med. ἀνιάσασθαι is v.l. for ἀνιᾶσθαι in Gal.UP6.16: (ἀνία. [ι_ always in Hom. and S.; ι^_ in Thgn. and late Poets; ι^ in Ar. l. c., etc.]:—commoner form of the Ep. ἀνιάζω, grieve, distress, c. acc. pers., “ἀνιήσει . . υἷας ἈχαιῶνOd.2.115, cf. 20.178; “μηδὲ φίλους ἀνίαThgn.1032; “φίλους ἀνιῶνS.Aj.266: c. acc. rei, ἀνιᾷ μου τὰ <*>τα Pl.Grg.485b: c. dupl. acc., “ δρῶν σ᾽ ἀνιᾷ τὰς φρέναςS.Ant.319: c. acc. pers. et neut. Adj., τί ταῦτ᾽ ἀνιᾷς με; ib.550; παῦρ᾽ ἀνιάσας, πόλλ᾽ εὐφράνας (sc. ὑμᾶς) Ar.Pax764; “ἠνίασά σε οὐδὲν πώποτεAnd. 1.50:—Pass., to be grieved, distressed, c. dat. pers. vel rei, ἀνιᾶται παρεόντι he is vexed by one's presence, Od.15.335; “. ὀρυμαγδῷ1.133; “σύν σοι . . παθόντι κακῶς ἀνιώμεθαThgn.655; “πάσχων ἀνιήσεαιId.991; “. ὑπομιμνῄσκωνLys.13.43; “δαπανὼντα ἀνιᾶσθαιX.Cyr.8.3.44; “περί τινοςAr.Lys.593: c. neut. Adj., τοῦτ᾽ ἀνιῶμαι πάλαι I have long been vexed at tnis, S.Ph.906; πολλὰ μὲν αὐτοὺς ἀνιωμένους, πολλὰ δὲ ἀνιω<*>ντας τοὺς οἰκέτας X.Oec.3.2: abs., “οὐδ᾽ ἂν . . ἀνιῷτοThgn.1205: esp. in aor. part. Pass. “ἀνιηθείςdisheartened, Od.3.117, Il.2.291.
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