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βοῦς , Dor. βῶς Theoc.9.7, GDI5005.5 (Gortyn), and : gen. βοός (written βοιός GDIiv p.883 No.62 (Erythrae)), poet. also
A.βοῦA. Fr.421, S.Fr.280: acc. “βοῦνIG12.45A11, etc., “βῶνIl.7.238 and Dor., IG4.914.18, al. (Epid.), SIG56.16 (Argos), Theoc.27.64, Ion. and poet. also “βόαPherecyd.162 J., AP9.255 (Phil.): dual “βόεHes.Op. 436: pl., nom. βόες, rarely contr. “βοῦςAr.Fr.760, Plu.Aem.33, etc.: gen.βοῶν, contr. “βῶνHes.Th.983; Bocot. “βουῶνIG7.3171.45: dat. βουσί, Ep. “βόεσσι, βοσίAP7.622 (Antiphil.); Boeot. “βούεσσιIG7.3171.38: acc. “βόαςIl.5.556, al., “βοῦς1.154, al., S.Aj.175 (lyr.), and Att., Antiph. 172.5, etc. (but later “βόαςEv.Jo.2.14, POxy.729.16 (ii A. D.), etc.):—bullock, bull, ox, or cow, in pl. cattle, commonly fem.: to mark the male Hom. adds a word, “β. ἄρσηνIl.20.495; or “ταῦρος β.17.389; as a measure of value, “βοὸς ἄξιον23.885, cf. 7.474 and v. ἀλφεσίβοιος, ἑκατόμβοιος.
b. βοῦς ἄγριος buffalo, Arist.HA499a4.
c. βοῦς ἐν Συρίᾳ zebu, ib.606a15; β. ἐν Παιονίᾳ, perh. urus, Id.Mir.842b33.
d. βοὸς ὄμμα, = βούφθαλμος, AP4.1.52 (Mel.).
III. a fish, perh. Notidanus griseus, Arist.HA540b17, Fr. 280.
2. a fish of the Nile, Str.17.2.4.
IV. ἔβδομος β. crescent loaf, Clidem.16.
V. seam, Poll.7.65.
VI. the constellation Taurus, Max.162.
VII. = μάστιξ, Hsch.
VIII. prov., “β. ἐπὶ γλώσσης ἐπιβαίνωνThgn.815; “βοῦς ἐπὶ γλώσσῃ βέβηκεA.Ag.36; of people who keep silence from some weighty reason, “τὸν βοῦν ἐπιτίθημι τῇ γλώττῃJul.Or.7.218a; βοῦς ἐμβαίνει μέγας Strattis 67 (wrongly expld. by Zen.2.70, etc., of bribery with coins bearing type of ox); β. ἐν πόλει 'bull in a china-shop', Diogcnian.3.67; β. ἐν αὐλίῳ, of a useless person, Cratin.32; β. λύρας 'pearls before swine', Macho ap.Ath.8.349c. (βοῦς (from βωύς, Skt. gaús) acc. βῶν (Skt. gā´m) are old forms: stem βωϝ-βοϝ-, cf. Lat. (Umbr.) bos, etc.)
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