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δαίνυ_μι , imper.
A.δαίνυ_Il.9.70, part. “-ύνταOd.4.3: Ep. impf. “δαίνυ_Il.23.29; δαίνυεν (from δαινύω) Call. Cer.84: fut. “δαίσωIl.19.299, A.Eu.305: aor. “ἔδαισαPi.N.9.24, Hdt.1.162, E.Or.15:—Med., “δαίνυ^ταιIl.15.99: 2sg. subj. “δαινύῃOd.19.328; Ep. 3sg. opt. “δαινῦτοIl.24.665; 3pl. opt. “δαινύατοOd.18.248; part. “-ύμενοςCratin. 142; 2sg. impf. δαίνὐ (i.e. -υο) Il.24.63: fut. “δαίσομαιLyc.668, Herod.4.93, etc., (μετα-) Od.18.48: aor. “ἐδαισάμηνArchil.99, Pi.P.10.31, etc.; “δαισάμενοιOd.18.408; [δαινυ^η Od.19.328; but “δαινυ_ῃ8.243 (for wh. δαινύεαι shd. be read)]. (V. “δαίωB.):—poet. Verb (used by Hdt.), give a banquet or feast,δαίνυ δαῖτα γέρουσιIl.9.70; ἔφασκες . . δαίσειν γάμον didst promise to give me a marriage-feast, 19.299, cf. Od.4.3, h.Ven.141, Pi.N.1.72; “ὁτοῖσι τάφον μενοεικέα δαίνυIl.23.29, cf. Od.3.309; δ. ὑμεναίους, γάμους, E.IA123 (lyr.), 707.
2. c. acc. pers., feast one on a thing, “τὸν . . Ἀστυάγης ἀνόμῳ τραπέζῃ ἔδαισεHdt.1.162, cf. E.Or.15; ζῶν με δαίσεις thou shalt be my living feast, A.Eu.305.
II. Med., have a feast given one, feast, in Hom. more freq. than Act., Il.15.99, al., cf. Pi.I.6(5).36, Hdt.1.211; “δαίσασθαι γάμονArchil. l.c.
2. c. acc., feast on, eat, δαῖτα, ἑκατόμβας, κρέα, Od.3.66, Il.9.535, Od.12.30; “κρέα δαίνυσθαιHdt.3.18, Ant.Lib.18.2 (but c. gen., Id.11.7); “ἐδαίσατο παῖδαS.Fr.771.5, cf. El.543; μίαν δ. τράπεζαν eat at a common table, Theoc.13.38: of fire, consume, Pi.N.9.24, S.Tr.765; of poison, ib.1088.
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