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δαμάζω A.Ch.324 (lyr.), etc.: fut.
A.δαμάσωAP6.329 (Leon.); Ep. “δαμάσσωIl.22.176, also δαμᾷ, δαμάᾳ, 1.61, 22.271; 3pl. “δαμόωσι6.368 (v. δαμάω): aor. 1 “ἐδάμα^σαPi.N.7.90 (part. “δαμάσσαιςO.9.92), Ep. ἐδάμασσα, δάμασσα, Il.5.191, Od.14.367: pf. “δεδάμακαStob. Flor.Monac.82:—Med., fut. Ep. “δαμάσσομαιIl.21.226: aor. ἐδαμάσσατο, δαμάσαντο, δαμασσάμενος, Od.9.516, Il.10.210, Od.9.454; aor. 1 opt. “δαμάσαιτοLeg.Gort.2.11: aor. 2 opt. “δάμοιτοCIG4000.18 (Iconium):—Pass., fut. 3δεδμήσομαιh.Ap.543; irreg. “δαμοῦμαιPMag.Par.1.2906: aor. “ἐδαμάσθηνOd.8.231, Pi.O.2.20, A.Pers. 279 (lyr.), E.Ph.563; Ep. “δαμάσθηνIl.19.9, cf. 16.816; ἐδμήθην, imper. “δμηθήτω9.158, “δμηθείς4.99, Hes.Th.1000, Dor. “δμα_θείςA. Pers.907 (lyr.), E. (lyr., v. infr.), Cerc.7.1: ἐδάμην [α^] Il.13.812, Parm.7.1, etc.; Ep. “δάμηνOd.3.90; 3pl. “δάμενIl.8.344; Ep. subj. “δαμείωOd.18.54, 2 and 3sg. “δαμήῃς -ήῃIl.3.436, 22.246, 2pl. “δαμήετε7.72; opt. “δαμείηνIl.3.301, E.Med.648; inf. “δαμῆναιIl.15.522, A.Ch.368 (lyr.), S.Ph.200, Ep. inf. “δα^μήμεναιIl.20.312; part. “δαμείς22.40, Sapph.90, etc. (only form of aor. used by S., and preferred by A. and E.): pf. “δέδμημαιIl.5.878, etc., “-ημένος14.482, etc.; later “δεδαμασμένοςNic.Al.29, Epigr.Gr.550.9: plpf. “δέδμητοOd.3.305; 3pl. “-ήατοIl.3.183.—Poet. Verb, used by X. in pres. part. “δαμάζωνMem.4.3.10: aor. Pass. δαμασθεῖεν ib.4.1.3; also inf. δαμασθῆναι is f.l. in Isoc.7.4:—overpower:
I. of animals, tame, break in, twice in Hom., in Med., “ἡμίονον . . ἥτ᾽ ἀλγίστη δαμάσασθαιIl.23.655; “τῶν κέν τιν᾽ . . δαμασαίμηνOd.4.637:—later in Act., X.Mem.4.3.10:—Pass., ib.4.1.3.
2. of metals, work,σίδαρονE.Alc.980 (lyr.); of land, clear, PSI4.316 (iv(?) A.D.).
II. of maidens, make subject to a husband, “ἀνδρὶ δάμασσενIl.18.432:—Med., force, seduce, Leg.Gort. l.c.:—Pass., Il.3.301, Od.3.269.
b. of the gods, bring low, Il.9.118, 16.845, al.
c. subdue, gain the mastery over, ἐπιθυμίαν Stob.l.c.
V. οὐ μήποτε τοῦτο δαμῇ, εἶναι μὴ ἐόντα it shall never be proved that . ., Parm.7.1. (δα^μα^-: δμη- underlies δάμνημι, ἐδάμαςσα, δέδμημαι; δαμάζω is a post-Homeric form of pres.; cf. Skt. dā´myati 'to be tamed', damitar- 'tamer', etc.)
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