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δέω (A), imper. 3pl.
A.δεόντωνOd.12.54 codd. (v. δίδημι): fut. δήσω: aor. ἔδησα, Ep. “δῆσαIl.21.30: pf. “δέδεκαD.24.207, v.l. δεδηκότας in Aeschin.2.134: plpf. “ἐδεδήκειAnd.4.17(prob.):—Med., Ep. impf. “δέοντοIl.18.553: aor. “ἐδησάμην24.340, al.; Ep.3sg.δησάσκετο ib.15: —Pass., fut. “δεθήσομαιD.24.126,131, etc., “δεδήσομαιPl.R.361e, X.Cyr.4.3.18; δεδέσομαι f.l. in Aristid.Or.41(4).7: aor. “ἐδέθηνD.24.132, etc.: pf. δέδεμαι (v. infr.): plpf. “ἐδεδέμηνAnd.1.48; Ep. “δέδετοIl.5.387; Ion. 3pl. “ἐδεδέατοHdt.1.66, etc.—In this Verb, though a disyll., εο and εω are occas. contr. τὸ δοῦν, τῷ δοῦντι, Pl.Cra.419b, 421c; “δοῦσαDin.Fr.89.15:—bind, tie, fetter,δεσμῷ τινα δῆσαιIl.10.443, etc.; “ἐνὶ δεσμῷ5.386, etc.; ἐν πέδαις (v.l. ἐς πέδας) Hdt.5.77; “δῆσε δ᾽ ὀπίσσω χεῖρας . . ἱμᾶσινIl.21.30; “δ. τινὰ χεῖράς τε πόδας τεOd. 12.50; δ. ἔκ τινος to bind from (i.e. to) a thing, “ἐξ ἐπιδιφριάδος ἱμᾶσι δέδεντοIl.10.475, cf. Hdt.4.72; δῆσαί τινα ξύλῳ or ἐν ξύλῳ (cf. “ξύλον11.2); “ἐν κλίμακιAr.Ra.619; δ. κύνα κλοιῷ tie a clog to a dog, Lex Solonisap.Plu.Sol.24, cf. E.Cyc.234; “δ. τινὰ πρὸς φάραγγιA.Pr.15; πρὸς κίονα, κίονι, S.Aj.108, 240(lyr.); “δεδεμένοι πρὸς ἀλλήλουςTh.4.47; δεδέσθαι ἐν τῆ ποδοκάκκῃ Lex Solonisap.D.24.105.
2. alone, bind, keep in bonds, πῶς ἂν ἐγώ σε δέοιμι; says Hephaistos, pointing to the nets in which he had caught Ares, Od.8.352; “αὐτὸς δ᾽ ἔδησε πατέραA.Eu.641; “δήσαντες ἔχειν τινάςTh.1.30; δησάντων αὐτὸν οἱ ἕνδεκα Lex ap.D.24.105, etc.
3. metaph., bind, enchain,γλῶσσα δέ οἱ δέδεταιThgn.178; “κέρδει καὶ σοφία δέδεταιPi.P.3.54; “ψυχὰ δ. λύπῃE.Hipp. 160(lyr.); later, bind by spells,τὸ στόμαAP11.138 (Lucill.), cf. Tab.Defix.96,108.
4. c. gen., hinder from a thing, “ἔδησε κελεύθουOd. 4.380,469.
5. Medic., harden, brace up, Hp.Off.17, etc.
II. Med., bind, tie, put on oneself, ποσσὶ δ᾽ ὑπὸ λιπαροῖσιν ἐδήσατο καλὰ πέδιλα tied them on his feet, Il.2.44, etc.:—Pass., περὶ δὲ κνήμῃσι βοείας κνημῖδας . . δέδετο he had greaves bound round his legs, Od. 24.228. (Cf. Skt. ditá 'bound', dā´ma 'bond'.)
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