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διατρίβω [ρι_], pf.
A.-τέτρι^φαPlb.4.57.3:—Pass., aor. 2 διετρίβην [ι^] (v. infr.):—rub hard,χερσὶ διατρίψαςIl.11.847: more freq., wear away, consume,πάντα διατρίβουσιν ἉχαιοίOd.2.265; “χρήματαThgn. 921; “τὰ τῶν ΠελοποννησίωνTh.8.87; εἰς αἰτίας ἀλόγους δ. τὸ θεῖον to fritter away Providence into unreasoning causes, Plu.Nic.23:— Pass., κάκιστα διατριβῆναι perish utterly, Hdt.7.120 (v.l. ἐκ-), cf. Th. 8.78.
II. spend, of Time, “θερείηνHdt.1.189; freq. “χρόνον δ.Lys. 3.11; “παρά τινιHdt.1.24, etc.; “δ. τινὰς ἡμέραςX.HG6.5.49; “ἓξ ἔτηIsoc.4.141 (later c. gen., “ἐτῶν οὐκ ὀλίγων ἐν Ῥώμῃ δ.Hdn.3.10.2):— Pass., “ἐνιαυτὸς διετρίβηTh.1.125.
b. abs., lose time, delay, Il.19.150, Hp.VC19, Ar.Eq.515, etc.; “λέγε καὶ μὴ διάτ ριβεPl.R.472b; διατέτρι^φα I have let the time slip by . ., Id.Tht.143a: c. part., καθ᾽ ἕκαστα λέγων δ. to waste time in speaking, Isoc.3.35, cf. D.1.9.
3. reside, PHal.1.182 (iii B.C.), PStrassb. 22.6 (ii A.D.), etc.
III. put off by delay, thwart, hinder,μή τι διατρίβειν ἐμὸν χόλονIl.4.42; “οὔ τι διατρίβω μητρὸς γάμονOd.20.341; “τἄριστονAr.Fr.503: c. dupl. acc. pers. et rei, ὄφρα κεν γε διατρίβῃσιν Ἀχαιοὺς ὃν γάμον put them off in the matter of her wedding, Od. 2.204: c. gen. rei, μὴ δηθὰ διατ ρίβωμεν ὁδοῖο let us not lose time on the way, ib.404:—Med., “μή τι διατριβώμεθα πείρηςA.R.2.883.
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