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δρόμος , , (δραμεῖν)
A.course, race, in Il.mostly of horses, “ἵπποισι τάθη δρόμος23.375; also of men, τέτατο δρόμος ib.758; οὐρίῳ δρόμῳ with prosperous course, S.Aj.889 (lyr.); ἅπαντι χρῆσθαι τῷ δρόμῳ at full speed, Luc.Dom.10: of any quick movement, e. g. flight, A.Pers.207: of Time, ἡμέρης δ. a day's running, i. e. the distance one can go in a day, Hdt.2.5; “κατανύσαι τὸν προκείμενον δ.Id.8.98; “ἵππου δ. ἡμέραςD.19.273: of Things, δ. νεφέλης, ἡλίου τε καὶ σελήνης, E.Ph.163, Pl. Ax.370b (pl.), etc.; “οἱ δ. τῶν ἀστέρωνProcl.Par.Ptol.136; δρόμῳ at a run, freq. with Verbs of motion, “δρόμῳ διαβάντας τὸν ἈσωπόνHdt.9.59; “ἰέναιId.3.77; “χρῆσθαιId.6.112; “χωρεῖνTh.4.31; “δ. ξυνῆψανE. Ph.1101; “βοηθῆσαι δ.Ar.Fr.551: in pl., “δρόμοιςA.Pr.838, Supp. 819.
2. foot-race, as a contest, IG2.594.11, al.: prov., περὶ τοῦ παντὸς δρόμον -μου codd.) θεῖν to run for one's life, Hdt.8.74; “τὸν περὶ ψυχῆς δρόμον δραμεῖνAr.V.375; “περὶ ψυχῆς δ.Pl.Tht.173a: generally, contest, πλαγᾶν δρόμος, i. e. a pugilistic contest, Pi.I.5(4).60.
3. lap in a race, S.El.726 (interpol. ib.691); “ἐν τῷ δευτέρῳ δ.Arist.HA 579a8.
4. in speaking, rapid delivery, Longin.Rh.p.312S.
II. place for running, δρόμοι εὐρέες runs for cattle, Od.4.605.
2. racecourse, Hdt.6.126, E.Andr.599.
3. public walk,ἐν εὐσκίοις δ. ἈκαδήμουEup.32, cf. IG22.1126.36, etc.; colonnade, Pl.Tht.144c; “κατάστεγος δ.cloister, Id.Euthd.273a; “δ. ξυστόςAristias 5; in Crete, = γυμνάσιον, Suid., cf. SIG463.14 (Itanos, iii B. C.); δὔ τρεῖς δρόμους περιεληλυθότε having taken two or three turns in the cloister, Pl.Euthd. l. c.; in Egypt, avenue of Sphinxes at entrance of temples, OGI56.52 (Canopus, Ptol. III), Str.17.1.28, etc.; “δ. τοῦ ἱεροῦBGU 1130.10 (i B. C.).
4. orchestra in the theatre (Tarent.), Hsch.
5. metaph., ἔξω δρόμου or ἐκτὸς δρόμου φέρεσθαι get off the course, i. e. wander from the point, A.Pr.883 (anap.), Pl.Cra.414b; “ἐκ δρόμου πεσεῖνA.Ag.1245; οὐδέν ἐστ᾽ ἔξω δρόμου 'tis not foreign to the purpose, Id.Ch.514.
III. δ. δημόσιος, = Lat. cursus publicus, Procop. Vand.1.16, Arc.30, Lyd.Mag.2.10; δ. ὀξύς, = Lat. cursus velox, ib.3.61, POxy.900.7 (iv A. D.), etc.
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