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δρῦς , (Pelop. , acc. to Sch.Ar.Nu.401, cf. IG9(1).485.5 (Thyrrheum), but fem. in Arc., Schwyzer 664.23): gen. δρυός: acc. δρῦν
A.δρύαQ.S.3.280): nom. pl. “δρύεςIl.12.132, A.Pr.832, etc., “δρῦςThphr.CP2.9.2, Paus.8.12.1: acc. pl. “δρῦςAr.Eq.528, Nu.402, “δρύαςS.Fr.403, Call.Del.84, AP7.8 (Antip. Sid.): gen. “δρυῶνHdt.7.218: dual δρύε Hdn.Gr.1.420. [υ^, exc. in δρῦς, δρῦν: gen. δρυ_ός at the beginning of a verse, Hes.Op.436]:—originally, tree (δρῦν ἐκάλουν οἱ παλαιοὶ . . πᾶν δένδρον Sch.Il.11.86, cf. Hsch.); including various trees, Thphr.HP3.8.2; esp. Quercus Aegilops (φηγός) and Quercus Ilex (πρῖνος), cf. “ φηγὸς καὶ πρῖνος εἴδη δρυόςDsc.1.106; opp. πεύκη, Il.11.494; opp. πίτυς, Od.9.186, cf. Il.13.389, 23.328, etc.; στέφανος δρυός crown of oak leaves, SIG2588.7 (Delos, ii B. C.); commonly, the oak, δ. ὑψικάρηνοι, ὑψίκομοι, Il.12.132, 14.398, cf. 13.389, 23.328, etc.; sacred to Zeus, who gave his oracles from the oaks of Dodona, Od.14.328; “αἱ προσήγοροι δρύεςA.Pr.832; “πολύγλωσσος δ.S.Tr.1168, cf. Pl.Phdr.275b: prov., οὐ γὰρ ἀπὸ δρυός ἐσσι . . οὐδ᾽ ἀπὸ πέτρης thou art no foundling from the woods or rocks, i. e. thou hast parents and a country, Od.19.163, cf. Pl.Ap.34d, R. 544d, AP10.55 (Pall.); but οὐ μέν πως νῦν ἔστιν ἀπὸ δρυὸς οὐδ᾽ ἀπὸ πέτρης . . ὀαρίζειν 'tis no time now to talk at ease from tree or rock, like lovers, Il.22.126; ἀλλὰ τί μοι ταῦτα περὶ δρῦν περὶ πέτρην; why all this about trees and rocks (i. e. things we have nothing to do with)? Hes.Th.35; also διὰ πέτρας καὶ διὰ δρυὸς ὁρᾶν 'to see through a brick wall', Plu.2.1083d.
II. of other trees bearing acorns or mast (Paus.8.1.6), πίειρα δρῦς the resinous wood (of the pine), S.Tr.766; of the olive, E.Cyc.615 (lyr.); δ. θαλασσία, = ἁλίφλοιος, Ps.-Democr.Symp.Ant.p.5G.
III. δ. ποντία, gulf-weed, Sargassum vulgare, Thphr.HP4.6.9.
IV. metaph., worn-out old man, AP6.254 (Myrin.), Artem.2.25. (Cogn. with δόρυ; cf. Skt. dru- 'wood', in compds.)
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