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ἐντείνω ,
A.stretch or strain tight, esp. of any operation performed with straps or cords,
1. ἐνέτεινε τὸν θρόνον [ἱμᾶσι] Hdt.5.25 (cf. ἐντανύω):—more freq. (as always in Hom.) Pass., δίφρος . . ἱμᾶσιν ἐντέταται is hung on tight-stretched straps. Il.5.728; [κυνέη] ἔντοσθεν ἱμᾶσιν ἐντέτατο στερεῶς was strongly lined inside with tight-stretched straps, 10.263; so [τὰς γεφύρας] ἐδόκεον ἐντεταμένας εὑρήσειν] expected to find the bridge with the mooring-cables taut, Hdt.9.106; “σχεδίαι ἐντετ.Id.8.117; “κλίνη ἐντετ.Polyaen.7.14.1; “εἰ ἔντασις τῶν ῥάβδων χρηστῶς ἐνταθείηHp.Fract.30; “τράχηλος ἐντετ.with sinews taut, Phld.Ir.p.5 W.: metaph., “ἐντεταμένου τοῦ σώματοςbeing toned, tempered, Pl.Phd.86b, cf. 92a.
2. stretch a bow tight, bend it for shooting, A.Fr.83, cf. E.Supp.886: metaph., καιροῦ πέρα τὸ τόξον . ib.745:—Med., bend one's bow, Id.IA549 (lyr.), X.Cyr.4.1.3:—Pass., τόξα ἐντεταμένα bows ready strung, Hdt.2.173, Luc.Scyth.2: hence, com., “κέντρον ἐντέταταιis ready for action, Ar.V.407.
b. of the strings of the lyre, “τῆς νεάτης ἐντεταμένηςArist.Pr.921b27.
3. . ναῦν ποδί keep a ship's sail taut by the sheet, “ναῦς ἐνταθεῖσα ποδὶ ἔβαψενE.Or.706.
4. . ἵππον τῷ ἀγωγεῖ hold a horse with tight rein, X. Eq.8.3.
5. tie tight,βοῦν . . . βρόχοιςE.Andr.720.
2. intensify, carry on vigorously,τὴν πολιορκίανPlu. Luc.14; excite,θυμὸν ἀνόητονPlu.2.61e, cf. 464b.
III. intr. in Act., exert oneself, be vehement, E.Or.698, Fr.340.
2. intr. in Act., penem erigere, Arist.Pr.879a11:—Pass., “εἰκόνες ἐντεταμέναιD.S.1.88.
IV. stretch out at or against, πληγὴν . τινί lay a blow on him, X.An.2.4.11, cf. Lys.Fr.75.4; without πληγήν, attack, Pl.Min. 321a; “πύξ τινιD.C.57.22.
V. place exactly in, ἐς κύκλον χωρίον τρίγωνον inscribe an area as a triangle in a circle, Pl.Men.87a (Pass.).
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