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ἑξῆς , Ep. ἑξείης , Adv., Dor. ἑξαν (accent unknown), IG12(1).155.108 (Rhodes, ii B.C.), SIG1023.80 (Cos, iii/ii B.C.), al.:— after another, in order, in a row,ἑξῆς εὐνάζοντοOd.4.449; ἑξῆς δ᾽ ἑζόμενοι ib.580 (elsewh. Hom. uses the form ἑξείης, Il.6.241, Od.4.408); “πάντας . . . κτείνοντεςTh.7.29, cf. E.Fr.657.2; τὰ . v.l. in Arist. Cael.310b12.
b. Math., . ἀνάλογον in continued proportion, Euc. 8.1, al.; οἳ . ἀριθμοί successive numbers, Archim.Spir.Praef.; γραμμαὶ . κείμεναι placed in order, ib.11; τούτου . γινομένου if this be done continually, Id.Sph.Cyl.1.11.
2. . διεξελθεῖν, λέγειν, in a regular, consequential manner, Pl.Plt.257b, 286c; “τοῦ . ἕνεκα περαίνεσθαι τὸν λόγονId.Grg.454c; . λόγος the following argument, Id.Ti.20b; “ἐν ἅπασι τούτοις .Longin.9.14, cf. 4.4.
3. Gramm., τὸ . grammatical sequence, opp. ὑπερβατόν, A.D.Pron.41.3,al.; καὶ τὰ ., Lat. et cetera, PTeb. 319.34 (iii A. D.), etc.
4. of Time, thereafter, next, A.Fr.475, Ar.Ec.638; “τὸν . χρόνονPl.Plt.271b; “ . ἡμέραEv.Luc. 9.37; ἐν τῷ (v.l. τῇ . next day, ib.7.11; εἰς τὸ . for the future, POxy.474.28 (ii A.D.), etc.
b. of Place, next, E.IA249, Arist. Mu.392a26.
II. c.gen., next to,τινόςAr.Ra.765; “τὰ τούτων .Pl.R.390a; “τούτων .next after . ., D.18.102; of logical connexion, Pl.Phlb.42c: c. dat., next to,Λάχητι . . τὴν . θύρανEphipp.16; “τούτοις .next in order to, Pl.Cra.399d, al.; “τὸ . τῇ γεωμετριᾳwhat comes next to . ., Id.R.528a; “τὸ . ἔργον τοῖς Μαραθῶνιnext after, Id.Mx.241a; “. Ἀριστογείτονιbeside A., Ar.Lys.633; “παρὰ τὸ . τῷ νοερῷ ζῴῳthat which befits . ., M.Ant.4.5; ἐπεχορήγησα αὐτῇ τὰ . made suitable provision for her, POxy.282.7 (i A.D.).
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