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ἔλπω (ἐέλπω only Hsch.
A.s.v. ἐέλποιμεν), causal, only found in pres. (exc. ἔλπεον: ἤλπιζον, Id.), cause to hope, πάντας μὲν ἔλπει she feeds all with hope, Od.2.91, 13.380; perh. also, cause to expect, Max.178 (but may, = expect).
II. elsewh. in Med., ἔλπομαι , Ep. ἐέλπομαι , “ἠλπόμηνOd.9.419, Alc.Supp.22.8, Pi.P.4.243, etc.: Ep. 3sg. impf. ἔλπετο and ἐέλπ-, Od.3.275, Il.12.407 (ἔλπετο also in Luc.Syr.D.22): pf. “ἔολπαIl.22.216, Od.5.379, Hes.Op.[273], A.R.2.147, etc.: 3sg. plpf. “ἐώλπειIl.19.328, Od.20.328, A.R.3.370, Theoc.25.115:—hope or expect, Ep., Lyr., Ion. (not in Hp.) for Att. ἐλπίζω (q.v.):— Constr., like ἐλπίζω: c. acc. and fut. inf., Il.13.8, B.Fr.12: c. aor. inf., Il.7.199, Pi.P.4.243 codd., N.4.92: c. pf. inf., Il.15.110: sts. the inf. must be supplied, ἐκτελέσας μέγα ἔργον οὔ ποτε ἔλπετο θυμῷ (sc. ἐκτελέειν) Od.3.275: c. acc. rei, Il.13.609, 15.539; “ἅσσα οὐκ ἔλπονταιHeraclit.27: later, c. gen. rei, “πολυγλαγέος ἐνιαυτοῦArat.1100: ὡς . ., dub. l. in Orph.A.846: abs., Heraclit.18: Homeric phrases, “ἔλπετο θυμῷIl.17.404, al.; also “μάλα δέ σφισιν ἔλπετο θυμός17.495; “ἔλπετο θυμὸς ἐνὶ στήθεσσιν ἑκάστου15.701; “ἤλπετ᾽ ἐνὶ φρεσίOd.9.419.
2. expect anxiously, fear, ἐλπόμενός τί οἱ κακὸν εἶναι having a foreboding that . . , Hdt.9.113.
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