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ἐλασσ-όω , Att. ἐλασσ-ττόω : aor.
A.ἠλάττωσαLys.13.9, Plb.16.21.5: pf. “ἠλλάττωκαD.H.Comp.6, etc.:—Pass., fut. “-ωθήσομαιTh.5.34, D. 21.66: fut. Med. in same sense, Hdt.6.11, Th.5.104: aor. ἠλασσώθην, -ττώθην, Id.1.77, D.10.33: pf. “ἠλάττωμαιApollod.Com.7.3, Plb. 18.4.3:—make less or smaller, diminish, reduce in amount, PTeb.19.11 (ii B.C.), PLips.105.28 (i A.D.):—Pass., POxy.918xi3 (ii A.D.).
II. Pass.,
1. abs., to be lessened, suffer loss, be depreciated, of things, Th.2.62; of persons, Id.4.59,al., OGI139.10(ii B.C.), PTeb.382.13(i B.C.), Phld.Lib.p.32 O., al., Ev.Jo.3.30, etc.; “μέγα τοῦθ᾽ οἱ πατέρες ἠλαττώμεθαApollod.Com. 7.3; also, take less than one's due, waive one's rights or privileges, Th. 1.77, D.56.14; but, fall short of one's professions, act dishonestly, Isoc.1.49.
2. c. dat. rei, have the worst of it, Hdt.6.11, Th.5.104, etc.; “τῷ πολέμῳId.1.115; to be inferior, “τῇ ἐμπειρίᾳId.5.72; “πολλαῖς ναυσίX.HG1.5.15; πᾶσι τούτοις ib.6.2.28; ἠλαττωμένος τοῖς ὄμμασι, of a one-eyed man, Plb.18.4.3; “πρός τιναPOxy.215ii18: c. gen., fall short of, “τῶν ἀρχετύπωνPh.1.606.
4. c. gen. rei, suffer loss in respect of, κεφαλαίου, τόκων, BGU155.10 (ii A.D.); to be in want of, LXX 1 Ki.21.15(16): also c. dat., ib.2 Ki.3.29.
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