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ἐπιμελ-έομαι , also ἐπιμελ-μέλομαι Hdt.1.98, 2.2,174,al., Th.6.54 ( 7.39), Lys.7.25 (cod. M), Pl.Grg.516b, PEleph.13.7 (iii B.C.), PCair. Zen.44.17 (iii B.C.), etc.; the contr. form prevails in codd., e.g.Ar. Pl.1117, X.An.5.7.10, Pl.Mx.248e, and in Att. Inscrr. from 380 B.C. (older Att. spellings are ambiguous), and is required by the metre in E.Ph.556: fut.
A.ἐπιμελήσομαιHdt.5.29, Th.3.25, etc.; -μεληθήσομαι v.l. in X.Mem.2.7.8, Aeschin.3.27 (Dor. 3sg. “-θησεῖIG12(3).170.25 (Astypalaea), pl. -θησεῦντι ib.12(1).694 (Rhodes)): aor. “ἐπεμελήθηνHdt.8.109, Th.8.68, Isoc.4.38, X.Mem.1.3.11, etc. (ἐπεμελησάμην only late, IGRom.4.684.14 (i A.D.), SIG875 (ii A.D.), Gal.Protr. 9): pf. “ἐπιμεμέλημαιTh.6.41: Act. only in SIG1044.31 (Halic.):—take care of, have charge or management of, rare in Poets, as E.Ph.556, freq. in Prose: c. gen. objecti, Hdt.1.98, 5.29, Ar.V.154, Pl.1117, Th.3.25, Isoc.4.38, Pl.R.331d, etc.; “περί τινοςX.An.5.7.10; [ὑπὲρ] “τῆς στρατηγίαςId.Cyr.1.6.12; “περί τιναPl.Mx.248e: later, c.dat., “παιδίῳPOxy.744.6 (i B.C.), cf.PTeb.58.62 (ii B.C.): inf., take care that . . , Th.6.54: inf., X.Oec.20.9:folld. by ὅπως with ind. fut. or subj. aor., Foed. ap. Th.4.118, X.Mem.2.10.2, etc.: with opt. after an aor., Id.HG6.5.37; by ὅπως c.inf., Id.Cyr.4.2.37 (s.v.l.); by ὡς with opt. (after past tenses), Id.An.1.1.5, etc.; also . τινὸς ὅπωςἔσταιPl.Euthphr.2d; by ἵνα c.subj., Inscr.Prien.44.35 (ii B.C.): with neut. Adj. in acc., take care with respect to a thing, Th.6.41: c.acc. et dat., “τὰ ἄλλα τοῖς πολεμάρχοιςX.HG5.4.4, cf. IG22.233.20 (in E. Ph.556 the acc. belongs to ἔχοντες): c. acc. cogn., “. πᾶσαν ἐπιμέλειανPl.Prt.325c, cf.IG22.1261.5: abs., give heed, attend, Hdt.2.2.
2.. of public commissions, have charge of, be inspector or curator of, τῶνμοριῶν ἐλαῶνLys.7.29; “τῶν δεκαδέωνX.Cyr.8.1.14; “δρόμουId.An. 4.8.25; ὁδῶν (of the Roman cura viarum) CIG4011 (Ancyra): c.acc. cogn., Pl.Lg.812e:—in Att. Inscrr., ἐπιμεληθῆναι (inf. = imper.) is usual of a definite commission, “ποιήσεωςIG22.555, etc. (so -ηθέντων ib.12.70); ἐπιμελεῖσθαι, of matters requiring permanent attention, ib. 12.56, etc.
3.. to be engaged in, cultivate any pursuit, art, etc., δυοῖντέχναινD.27.31; “τῆς ἀρετῆςX.Cyr.7.5.71, cf. Mem.4.5.10.
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