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ἐπι-σπάω ,
A.draw or drag after one, Hdt.2.121.δ́; ἦγ᾽ ἐπισπάσας κόμης by the hair, E.Hel.116, cf. Tr.882, Andr.710:— Med., X.An.4.7.14:—Pass., ἐπισπασθῆναι τῇ χειρί with the hand, Th.4.130.
2.. metaph., bring on, cause, “τοσόνδε πλῆθος πημάτωνA.Pers.477.
4.. attract, gain, win, “πέποιθα τοῦτ᾽ ἐπισπάσειν κλέοςS.Aj.769:—freq. in Med., “ἐπισπᾶσθαι κέρδοςHdt.3.72; “εὔνοιανPlb.3.98.9; “χάρινSIG685.40 (Magn. Mae., ii B.C.); “ἔχθρανAP11.340 (Pall.); welcome, Ph.1.384; ἐπισπᾶσθαι πώγωνα get one a beard, Luc.JTr.16; induce, “ὕπνον ἐκπώμασινLib.Or.56.26; attract, “σίδηρονPhld.Sign.1.
6.. Med., absorb, τὰ σιτία-σπᾶται τὴν ὑγρότηταArist.Pr.868b30; “τὰ ἐριναστὰ [σῦκα] . τὸν ὀπόνThphr.CP2.9.12; quaff, of a drinker, ἀπνευστὶ . Gal.15.500, cf. Luc. DDeor.5.4; of infants, suck, “γάλαSor.1.88; of cupping instruments, Hp.VM22; draw in, “πνεῦμαPhld.D.3.13:—Pass., of air, to be sucked in, Arist.Pr.931b22.
7.. Med., draw in, call in, “ΠύρρονPlb.1.6.5; φυλακὴν καὶ βοήθειαν παρά τινος ib.7.6; “μάρτυρας -ᾶται τοὺς μουσικούςPhld.Po.5.1425.8:—Pass., to be called in, forced to work, “εἴς τιPTeb. 27.4 (ii B.C.).
8.. in Pass., of the sea, ἐπισπωμένη βιαιότερον returning with a rush after having retired, Th.3.89.
II.. overturn: hence proverb., ὅλην τὴν ἅμαξαν ἐπεσπάσω you have `upset the apple-cart', Luc.Pseudol.32.
III.. Med., draw the prepuce forward, become as if uncircumcised, “μὴ ἐπισπάσθω1 Ep.Cor.7.18; of the nurse, ἐπισπάσθωτὴν ἀκροποσθίανSor.1.113.
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