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ἐρύκω [υ_], Il.24.658, Hdt.4.125, S.Tr.121 (lyr.), etc., rare in Prose, X.An.3.1.25, Plb.Fr.45; Ep.inf.
A.ἐρυ_κέμενIl.11.48: fut. “ἐρύξωOd.7.315, al. (not later): aor. 1 “ἤρυξαA.Th.1081 (anap.), (ἀπ-) X.An.5.8.25 ; Ep. “ἔρυξαIl.3.113, Od.17.515, etc.: Ep. aor. 2 “ἠρύκα^κονIl.5.321, 20.458, “ἐρύκα^κον11.352, etc., inf. “ἐρυ_κα^κέειν5.262, Od.11.105:—Med., Il.12.285:—Pass., v. infr. 11: cf. ἐρυκάνω, -ανάω : (perh. akin to ἐρύω b):—keep in, curb, restrain,ἵππουςIl.11.48, etc.; λαὸν ἐρυκάκετε keep them back (from flight or fighting), 6.80, cf. 24.658 ; but λαὸν ἔρυκε kept them in their place, 23.258 ; αἰθὴρ ὄμβρον ἐρύκει forces it back, Emp. 100.18 ; θυμὸν ἐρυκακέειν to curb desire, Od.11.105 ; πολύστονον ἐρύκεν (inf.) “ὕβρτνB.16.41 ; ἕτερος δέ με θυμὸς ἔρυκεν another mind checked me (opp. ἀνῆκεν), Od.9.302 ; ἐρυκέμεν εὐρύοπαΖῆν to restrain him, Il.8.206 ; γυίων πίστιν ., i.e. to mistrust, Emp.4.13 ; “ἔρυκέ μιν ἔνδοθεν αἰδώςA.R.3.652: c.gen., μηδέ μ᾽ ἔρυκε μάχης keep me not from fight, Il.18.126 ; “ἀλλά τις θεῶν.. Ἅιδα σφε δόμων ἐρύκειS.Tr. 121 ; “μηδέ σ᾽ Ἔρις ἀπ᾽ ἔργου θυμὸν ἐρύκοιHes.Op.28: c. inf. praes., hinder from doing, Pi.N. 4.33 ; aor., E.HF317 ; fut., “ἄλλον ἀναστήσεσθαι ἐρύξωA.R.1.346 : c.acc. et inf., “ἤρυξε πόλιν μὴ 'νατραπῆναιA.Th.1081 ; “. τἆλλα ἰχθύδια μὴ διαρπάσωσι..Arist.HA621a24.
2. abs., hinder,ἐρύκακε γὰρ τρυφάλειαIl.11.352 ; ἐρυκέμεν to stay [their flight], 21.7.
II. Pass., to be held back, detained,δήθ᾽ ἐνὶ νήσῳ ἐρύκεαιOd.4.373, cf. 17.17.
2. abs., hold back, keep back, μή μοι ἐρύκεσθον, says the driver to his horses, Il. 23.443.
3. to be kept away, τοῦ Ἀσωποῦ (v.l. ἀπὸ τοῦ .) Hdt.9.49.
4. ἀνέδην ὅδε χῶρος ἐρύκεται this place is remissly guarded, i.e. is free or open to all, S.Ph.1153 (lyr., dub.l.).
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