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ἐρύω (A), Il.4.467, al., Ion. εἰρύω , Dor. ϝερύω (v. infr.): Ep. inf. εἰρύμεναι [υ^] Hes.Op.818 : impf.
A.εἴρυονMosch.2.14, “ἔρυονIl.12.258, “ἐρύεσκονNonn.D.43.50 : fut. “ἐρύωIl.11.454, al., “ἐρύσωOpp.H.5.375 ; Ep. “ἐρύσσωOrph.L.35, Nonn.D.17.183 : aor. “εἴρυ^σαOd.2.389, Hdt. 2.136 (in Hdt. εἴρυσα takes the place of εἵλκυσα), “ἔρυ^σαIl.5.573 ; “εἴρυσσα3.373, Od.8.85 ; lengthd. ἐρύσασκε ἐξ-) Il.10.490; imper. “εἴρυσονS.Tr.1033 (hex.), Dor. ϝερυσάτω (dub. sens.) BCH50.15 (Delphi, iv B.C.); subj. “ἐρύσωIl.17.230, “εἰρύσωHp.Morb.2.8, etc.; 2sg. “ἐρύσσῃςIl.5.110 ; Ep. 1pl. ἐρύσσομεν (for -ωμεν) 14.76, 17.635 ; opt. “ἐρύσαιμι8.21, εἰρύσαιμι Timo 59 ; inf. ἐρύσαι, ἐρύσσαι, Il.17.419, 8.23, “εἰρύσαιHp. Morb.1.29, (δι-, ἐξ-) Hdt.7.24, 1.141 ; part. “ἐρύσαςIl.23.21, “ἐρύσαιςPi. N.7.67, “εἰρύσαςHdt.4.10, “ἐρύσσαςA.R.3.913.—Ion., Dor., and poet. Verb:—drag, draw, implying force or violence, νῆα..εἰς ἅλα, ἅλαδε, ἤπειρόνδε, Il.1.141, Od.2.389, 10.423 ; ἐπ᾽ ἠπείροιο on land, 16.325, 359 ; [δόρυ] . ἐπ᾽ ἄκρης, of the Trojan horse, 8.508 ; freq. of the dead, νεκρόν, νεκροὺς ., of the friends, drag them away, rescue them, Il.5.573, 16.781 ; of the enemy, drag them off for plunder, ransom, etc., 4.467, al.; τρὶς ἐρύσας περὶ σῆμα (sc. Ἕκτορα) 24.16 ; of dogs and birds of prey, drag and tear,οἰωνοὶ ὠμησταὶ ἐρύουσι11.454, etc.; drag away, carry off violently, Od.9.99: c. gen. partit., “διὰ δώματ᾽ ... ποδὸς καὶ χειρός17.479 ; . τινὰ κουρίξ by the hair, 22.187 ; also, pull down, tear away,κρόσσας μὲν πύργων ἔρυονIl.12.258, cf. 14.35.
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