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ἐρω-έω , (ἐρωή) Ep.Verb,
A.rush, rush forth,αἷμα κελαινὸν ἐρωήσει περὶ δουρίIl.1.303, Od.16.441 ; ἠρώησαν ὀπίσσω, of horses, they started back, Il.23.433 ; escape harm, Nic.Th.117.
2. c. gen. rei, draw back or rest from,ἐρωῆσαι πολέμοιοIl.13.776, cf. 17.422 ; “ἐρωήσουσι δὲ χάρμης14.101 ; “ἐρώησαν καμάτοιοh.Cer.301 ; οι^νου Epic. in Arch.Pap. 7.4 ; [νεφέλη] οὔ ποτ᾽ ἐρωεῖ (sc. σκοπέλου) the cloud never fails from it, never leaves it, Od.12.75 ; ἴθι νῦν κατὰ λαὸν Ἀχαιῶν, μήδ᾽ ἔτ᾽ ἐρώει (sc. τοῦ ἰέναι) Il.2.179 : c. acc., leave, quit, Theoc.13.74, 24.101.
II. trans., drive or force back, once in Hom., “τῶ κε καὶ ἐσσύμενόν περ ἐρωήσαιτ᾽ ἀπὸ νηῶνIl.13.57 ; “χεῖρας ὑσμίνηςTheoc.22.174 ; “ῥόονCall. Del.133 ; “θηρὸς ὀλοὸν κέραςId.Fr.249 ; δρόμον ἐλεφάντων cj. in Nonn. D.36.188 : c. acc. et inf., “Ἀχαιοὺς . κορέσασθαιQ.S.3.520.—Dub. in late Prose, Ant.Lib.7.3. -ή, , Ep.Noun (Hom. only in Il.), quick motion, rush, force,ἀνδρὸς .Il.3.62, cf. 14.488 ; mostly of things, “δουρὸς .15.358 ; “βελέων .4.542 ; λείπετο δουρὸς . a spear's throw behind, 23.529, cf. 21.251 ; λικμητῆρος . the force or swing of the winnower's (shovel), 13.590 ; “ἐκτὸς ἐρωῆς πετράωνA.R.4.1657 ; “πυρόςAP9.490 (Heliod.).
2. impulse, desire, περὶ Κύπριν . ib.10.112, cf. Procl.H.3.10 ; “γαστρὸς .Opp.C.3.175.
II. c. gen. rei, drawing back from, rest from,πολέμου δ᾽ οὐ γίγνετ᾽ .Il.16.302, 17.761 ; “μάχηςTheoc.22.192 ; “δακρύωνMosch.4.40 : abs., escape,D.P.601.
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