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εἴκω , Il. 12.48, etc.: impf.
A.εἶκον16.305 (ὑπό-), Hdt.8.3: fut. “εἴξωTh. 1.141, etc.: aor. 1 “εἶξαIl. 24.718, etc., poet. ἔειξα or “ἔϝειξαAlcm. 31, Ion. “εἴξασκεOd.5.332: pf. part. ἐεικώς Chron.Lind. D.96:—give way, retire, “ὀπίσσω εἴκετεIl.5.606; “ὅππῃ τ᾽ ἰθύσῃ τῇ τ᾽ εἴκουσι στίχες ἀνδρῶν12.48: c. dat., make way for, “οὐρεῦσι24.716; yield to pressure, Gal. 18(1).97.
2. c. dat. pers. et gen. loci, μηδ᾽ εἴκετε χάρμης Ἀργείοις shrink not from the fight for them, 4.509; “εἴκειν τινὶ τῆς ὁδοῦHdt. 2.80; “εἴξατέ μοι νίκηςColuth. 171: c. gen. only, εἴκειν πολέμου καὶ δηϊοτῆτος withdraw from war and strife, Il.5.348; εἶκε, γέρον, προθύρου retire from the door, Od.18.10, cf. Jul.Or.2.67b.
3. give way, as a mark of honour, Il.24.100, Od.2.14; “τῇ πατρίδιJul.Or.8.246a.
5. εἴκειν τινί τι yield to another in a thing, τὸ ὃν μένος οὐδενὶ εἴκων inferior to none in . . , Il. 22.459, Od.11.515: c. acc. cogn., εἴκοντας δεῖ yielding in . . , S.OC 172 (lyr.), cf. Aj.1243: also c. dupl. dat., ἕλεσκον ἀνδρῶν . . τέ μοι εἴξειε πόδεσσι whoever was inferior to me in swiftness of foot, Od. 14.221.
6. c. gen., retire from, ἰερατείας Chron.Lind.l.c.
II. trans., yield up, give up, εἶξαί τέ οἱ ἡνία give [the horse] the rein, Il.23.337; Εὖρος Ζεφύρῳ εἴξασκε διώκειν gave up [the ship] to Zephyrus to chase, Od.5.332.
III. impers., it is allowable or possible, “ὅπῃ εἴξειε μάλισταIl.22.321: c. inf., “ὅθι σφίσιν εἶκε λοχῆσαι18.520; “φώναισ᾽ οὐδὲν ἔτ᾽ εἴκειSapph.2.8; φερόμενοι πρὸς τὸ εἶκον attacking on the line of least resistance, Plu.Fab.16.
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