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φορά , Ion. φορή , : (φέρω):—A. as act,
I. (from Act.) carrying, φορᾶς . . φθόνησις οὐ γενήσεται there shall be no refusal to carry thee, S.Tr.1212; ἐν φορᾷ, i. e. in their arms, Id.Fr.327; θυρώτοιν φορᾶς payment for carrying . . , IG42(1).102.305 (Epid., iv B. C.); ψήφου φ. casting one's vote, E.Supp.484, cf. Pl.Lg.949a; φ. καθάπερ πεττῶν movement as of the men in draughts, ib.739a.
b. gestation, τριετὴς φ. cj. in IG42(1).121.10 (Epid., iv B. C.).
2. bringing in of money, payment,χρημάτωνTh.1.96; δασμοῦ, δασμῶν, Pl.Lg. 706b, X.Cyr.8.6.16; αἱ ὑπόλοιποι φοραί the remaining instatments, Lys.Fr.1.4, cf. Ostr.Bodl.iii 280 (i A. D.), al.
b. φ. ἐργάτου, = latura, perh. a workman's pay, Gloss. (latura is also glossed φόρετρον, ibid.; also onus, sarcina, ibid.).
c. fare, freight,πόση τις φ.;Eup.271, cf. Ar.Fr.300.
3. bringing forth, productiveness,καρποῦThphr.CP3.14.5; opp. ἀφορία, Pl.R.546a, cf. Arist.GA750a23; of animals, Ael.NA17.40; “πτηνῶνGp.1.8.9.
3. rapid motion, rush, πινέτω κατὰ φορὰν ἡμικοτύλιον let him drink half a cotyle at a draught, Hp.Int.35; “γαστρὸς φοραίThphr.Fr.10.3.
4. of persons, impulse, τοῦ πλήθους φ.Plb.10.4.3; “ἄλογος φ.Id.30.2.4; “ἀκολουθήσομεν ἀλόγως ταῖς τῶν πολλῶν φ.Epicur.Nat.127 G.; “πρὸς τὸν νεωτερισμόνPlu.Galb.4; “παῖς . . φορᾶς μεστόςId.Them.2; “στρατηγὸς μεστὸς φορᾶςLib.Or.49.19: pl., ib.1.2; also, forceful flow of narrative, Luc.Dem.Enc.7.
b. tendency, line of thought or action, κατὰ τὰς φ. τῶν Στωϊκῶν on Stoic lines, Phld.Rh.2.296 S., cf. Id.Herc.1251.19, Luc.Par.29.
5. φ. πραγμάτων force of circumstances, D.18.271: forceful quality, τοῦ οἴνου [ὑγρότης] φ. ἔχει πολλὴν καὶ δύναμινPlu.2.132e; φορᾶς σωματικῆς εἰς ἡμᾶς γιγνομένης, of the influences of the stars, Plot.2.3.2; ἄχρις οὗ φ. γένηται, of a favourable wind, Plu.Mar. 37; favour,τοῦ βασιλέωςPhilostr.VS2.32.
6. time, occasion,πέντε ἓξ φορὰς τὸν μῆναDsc.Eup.2.2 (interpol.), cf. Tz.H.13.58.
B. as a thing, that which is borne, esp.,
1. load, freight, burden,μίαν φ. ἐνεγκεῖνPlu.Ant.68.
2. rent, tribute, X.Cyr. 3.1.34: pl., contributions, D.21.101; “φέροντα σωτηρίας φορὰν πλήρη τῇ πατρίδιId.25.21; of the contribution to an ἔρανος, Antiph.124.9, Hyp.Ath.11; of contributions in kind, “οἴνου φορὴ ἐς τὰ ψυκτήριαSIG57.44 (Milet., v B. C.).
3. that which is brought forth, fruit, produce, crop,κατανοήσας ἐλαιῶν φορὰν ἐσομένηνa large crop, Arist. Pol.1259a11, cf. HA553a22,b23; “σίτου φ. καὶ τῶν ἄλλων καρπῶνSIG 589.30 (Magn.Mae., ii B. C.); “ τοῦ Νείλου φ. τε καὶ αὔξησιςCPHerm. 6.4 (iii A. D.): metaph., φορὰ προδοτῶν a large crop of traitors, D.18.61, D.S.16.54; “ῥητόρωνAeschin.3.234; “φ. γάρ τίς ἐστιν ἐν τοῖς γένεσιν ἀνδρῶνa succession of crops, Arist.Rh.1390b25.
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