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φορτ-ι^κός , ή, όν: (φόρτος):—prop. for carrying, πλοῖον φ. a ship of burden, D.C.56.27, v.l. in Th.6.88.
II. of the nature of a burden: metaph. (cf. “φόρτος11), tiresome, wearisome,τό λέγειν . . φ. καὶ ἐπαχθέςD.5.4; “τοῖς συνοῦσι φ.Plu.2.456e, cf. 44a, etc.; φ. ἀκολούθων ὄχλῳ because of the crowd . . , Luc.Nigr.13; “-ωτάτη λειτουργίαmost onerous, POxy.904.9 (v A. D.).
b. of things, φ. κωμῳδία a vulgar, low comedy, Ar.V.66, cf. Pl.Phdr.236c; “φ. τὸ χωρίονAr.Lys.1218; “φ. γέλωςCom.Adesp.644; “δίαιτα -ωτέρα καὶ ἀφιλόσοφοςPl.Phdr.256b; “ἡδονὴ φ.Id.R.581d; φ. καὶ δημηγορικά base, low arguments, ad captandum vulgus, Id.Grg.482e; “φ. μὲν καὶ δικανικά, ἀληθῆ δέId.Ap.32a; “τῷ φ. προσχρῆσθαιId.Cra. 435c; “-ώτερόν τι ἐρήσομαιId.Euthd.286e; “φ. ἔπαινοςArist.EN1178b16; <πρὸς> ἅπαντα μιμουμένη [τέχνη] φορτική art that imitates with a view to any and every man is vulgar, Id.Po.1462a4; λέγω οὐ τοῦ φ. ἕνεκα I do not say it out of vulgar arrogance, Aeschin.1.41; of an inflated rhetorical style, “φ. κατασκευήD.H.Lys.3; τὸ φ. τῆς λέξεως vulgarity of style, Id.Th.27; τὸ φ. καὶ στρατιωτικόν, of the speeches of Iphicrates, Id.Lys.12; “τὸ φ. τῶν μέτρωνLuc.JTr. 14.
3. Adv. -ικῶς coarsely, vulgarly,σκοπεῖνPl.Tht.183e, cf. R. 367a; φ. ἐπαινεῖν ib.528e; “φ. καὶ χύδην λέγεινIsoc.12.24; “φ. πολιτεύεσθαιId.7.53; “φ. καὶ σοβαρῶςPlu.2.634c; -ώτερον φιλοσοφώτερον διαλέγεσθαι to discourse more like a clown than one of liberal education, Id.Sol.3.
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