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γλῶσσα , Ion. γλάσσα , Herod.3.84, al., SIG1002.7 (Milet.), Schwyzer 692 (Chios), Att. γλῶττα , ης, ,
A.tongue, Od.3.332, etc.
b. γ. λάρυγγος, = γλωττίς, larynx, Gal.UP7.13.
2. tongue, as the organ of speech, γλώσσης χάριν through love of talking, Hes.Op.709, A.Ch. 266; “γλώσσῃ ματαίᾳId.Pr.331, cf.Eu.830; “γλώσσης ἀκρατήςId.Pr.884 (lyr.); “μεγάλης γ. κόμποιS.Ant.128; γλώσσῃ δεινός, θρασύς, Id.OC806, Aj.1142; “ γ. ὀμώμοχ᾽ δὲ φρὴν ἀνώμοτοςE.Hipp.612: with Preps., ἀπὸ γλώσσης by frankness of speech, Thgn.63; “φθέγγεσθαιPi.O.6.13 (but ἀπὸ γ. ληίσσεται, opp. χερσὶ βίῃ, of fraud opp. violence, Hes. Op.322); also, by word of mouth, Hdt.1.123, Th.7.10, Arr.An.2.14.1; “τῷ νῷ θ᾽ ὁμοίως κἀπὸ τῆς γ. λέγωS.OC936; τὰ γλώσσης ἄπο, i.e. our words, E.Ba.1049; ἀπὸ γ. φράσω by heart, opp. γράμμασιν, Cratin.122; οὐκ ἀπὸ γλώσσης not from mere word of mouth, but after full argument, A.Ag.813; μὴ διὰ γλώσσης without using the tongue, E.Supp.112; “ἐν ὄμμασιν . . δεδορκὼς κοὐ κατὰ γλῶσσαν κλύωνS.Tr. 747:—phrases: πᾶσαν γλῶτταν βασάνιζε try every art of tongue, Ar. V.547; πᾶσαν ἱέναι γλῶσσαν let loose one's whole tongue, speak withoutrestraint, S.El.596; “πολλὴν γ. ἐγχέας μάτηνId.Fr.929; κακὰ γ. slander, Pi.P.4.283: pl., ἐν κερτομίοις γλώσσαις, i.e. with blasphemies, S.Ant.962 (lyr.), cf.Aj.199 (lyr.): βοῦς, κ ῇς ἐπὶ γλώσσῃ, v. βοῦς, κλείς.
3. of persons, one who is all tongue, speaker, of Pericles, “μεγίστη γ. τῶν ἙλληνίδωνCratin.293, cf. Ar.Fr.629 (s. v. l.).
4. γ. τοῦ ταμιείου the advocacy of the fiscus, Philostr. VS2.29.
2. obsolete or foreign word, which needs explanation, Arist. Rh.1410b12, Po.1457b4, Plu.2.406f: hence Γλῶσσαι, title of works by Philemon and others.
3. people speaking a distinct language, LXX.Ju.3.8 (pl.), interpol. in Scyl.15.
III. anything shaped like the tongue (cf. “γλῶσσαι ὡσεὶ πυρόςAct.Ap.2.3).
1. in Music, rced or tongue of a pipe, Aeschin.3.229, Arist.HA565a24, Thphr.HP4.11.4, etc.
2. tongue or thong of leather, shoe-latchet, Pl.Com.51, Aeschin.Socr.57.
3. tongue of land, App.Pun.121, cf. 95.
4. ingot, “γ. χρυσῆLXX Jo.7.21.
5. marking on the liver, in divination, Hsch. (γλῶσσα from γλωχ-y[acaron], cf. γλώξ, γλωχίς; γλάσσα from Γλα^χ-y[acaron], weak grade of same root.)
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