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ἰθύν-ω , Ion. impf.
A.ἰθύνεσκονQ.S.1.273, al., Hymn.Is.153: aor. 1 “ἴθυναOd.23.197:—Med. (v. infr. 2), aor. 1 inf. “ἰθύνασθαιQ.S.14.500:—Pass., aor. 1 “ἰθύνθηνIl.16.475: pf. “ἴθυμμαιD.P.341, “ἀπ-ίθυνταιHp.Fract.7: (ἰθύς A). [ι_θυ_νω: ι^- only in APl. 74]:—Ion. and Ep. for εὐθύνω (sts. used in Trag., generally with v.l. εὐθυν-; never in Com. or Att. Prose), make straight, straighten, ἐπὶ στάθμην ἴθυνεν by the rule, Od.5.245, 23.197, al.:—Pass., “ἐκ στάθμης ἰθυμμένοςD.P. l.c.
2. guide in a straight line, ἵππους τε καὶ ἅρμ᾽ ἰθύνομεν (Ep. for -ωμεν) let us drive them straight, Il.11.528; νῆα θοὴν ἰθύνει [the pilot] keeps it straight, 23.317; “τὴν δ᾽ ἄνεμός τε κυβερνήτης τ᾽ ἴθυνεOd.11.10, etc.; τρόπιν Hymn.Is.l.c.; . δρόμον, κῶλον, E.Hipp. 1227 (v.l. εὐθ-), Or.1016 (lyr.); “κέντραId.Ph.178 (lyr.); βέλος δ᾽ ἴθυνεν Ἀθήνη she sped it straight, Il.5.290: in late Prose, “λεπτοὶ ὕπνοι ἰθύνοντες τὰ σιτίαPhilostr.Gym.48:—Med., guide or steer for oneself, of missiles, ἐπ᾽ Ἀντινόῳ ἰθύνετο πικρὸν ὀϊστόν aimed his arrow straight at . . , Od.22.8; πηδαλίῳ ἰθύνετο (sc. σχεδίην) 5.270; “ἡνίοχος ἰθύνετο ἅρμαHes.Sc.324: c. gen., ἀλλήλων ἰθυνομένων . . δοῦρα as they drove their spears straight at each other, Il.6.3:—Pass., run straight or evenly, of horses yoked abreast, “τὼ δ᾽ ἰθυνθήτηνIl.16.475 (but, to be guided, οὐ γὰρ ἄτερ μάστιγος ἰθύνεται ἵππος APl. l.c.); of a boat, to be steered, Hdt.1.194.
3. guide, direct, rule, “Ζεὺς . . πάντ᾽ ἰθύνειIl.17.632; “ἀμηχανίη . νόονParm.6.6; . στρατόν (corr. from ηὔθ- in cod. M) A.Pers.773; . ἑορτάς Orac. ap. D.21.52; “ζωήνAP6.68(Jul.Aegypt.); of a judge, μύθους . put straight, rectify unjust judgements, Hes.Op. 263 (dub.), cf. Call.Jov.83; . τὸ πλέον τινί adjudge the greater part to him, Theoc.5.71:—Pass., ἰθύνεσθαι θανάτῳ to be visited with the penalty of death, Hdt.2.177.
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