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κόλπος , ,
2. = αἰδοῖον γυναικεῖον, esp. vagina, Sor.1.16, al., Ruf.Onom.196, Poll.2.222: pl., Sor.1.70b, S.E.M.5.62.
b. κόλποι τῆς ὑστέρας supposed sinuses in the womb, Hp.Nat.Puer.31, Sor.1.9 (sg.), Gal.UP14.4.
c. in poets more vaguely of the whole sinus genitalis, womb, in pl., E.Hel.1145 (lyr.), Call.Jov.15: sg., Id.Del. 214; “δεσποίνας ὑπὸ κόλπον ἔδυνOrph.Fr.32c.8; θεὸς διὰ κόλπου ib. 31i24: metaph., of the grave, “σῶμα σὸν ἐν κόλποις . . γαῖα καλύπτειIG2.3839, cf. 3412, Epigr.Gr.214.7 (Rhenea); κ. ἡμερῶν, of the womb of time, Ezek.Exag.39.
d. of other cavities, οἱ κ. τῆς κοιλίας, in the ἐχῖνος, Arist.HA530b27; of the ventricles of the heart, Poll.2.216.
II. fold of a garment, esp. as it fell over the girdle, freq. in pl., “δεύοντο δὲ δάκρυσι κ.Il.9.570, cf. A.Pers.539 (anap.), etc.: also in sg., “κ. βαθὺν καταλιπόμενος τοῦ κιθῶνοςHdt.6.125; κόλπον ἀνιεμένη letting down the bosom of her robe, i.e. baring her breast, Il.22.80; “ἐπὶ σφυρὰ κόλπον ἀνεῖσαιTheoc.15.134; κρύψε δὲ παρθενίαν ὠδῖνα κόλποις, i.e. she concealed her pregnancy by the loose folds of her robe, Pi.O.6.31; “κατακρύψασ᾽ ὑπὸ κόλπῳOd.15.469; “κόλπῳ φέρουσα . . πεπλώματοςA.Th.1044; ὑπὸ κόλπου (v.l. - χεῖρας ἔχειν 'keep one's hand in one's pocket', of a stingy person, Theoc.16.16; “ὑπὸ κόλπουLuc.Herm.37, 81, Hes.2, Merc.Cond.27; ὑπὸ κόλπον Hsch.s.v. μασχαλοληπτεῖ, v.l. in Luc.Ind.12.
III. any bosom-like hollow:
1. of the sea, first in a half-literal sense, of a sea-goddess, Θέτις δ᾽ ὑπεδέξατο κόλπῳ received him in her bosom, Il.6.136, cf. supr.1.1: generally, “δῦτε θαλάσσης εὐρέα κ.18.140, cf. Od.4.435; εἴσω ἁλὸς εὐρέα κ. ll.21.125: in pl., “κατὰ δεινοὺς κ. ἁλόςOd.5.52; also “κόλποι αἰθέροςPi.O.13.88; “Ἐρέβους ἐν ἀπείροσι κ.Ar. Av.694.
4. of a fortified site, salient, Ph.Bel.86.8.
5. κ. τοῦ ἅρματος bottom of the chariot, LXX 3 Ki.22.35.
6. fistulous ulcer which spreads under the skin, Dsc.1.128, Heliod. ap. Orib.44.8.22, Gal.11.125.
IV. in Tactics, enveloping force, Onos.21.5.
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