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κορυ^φ-ή , , (κόρυς)
A.head, top: hence,
1. crown, top of the head, of a horse, Il.8.83, X.Eq.1.11; of a man or god, h.Ap.309, Pi.O.7.36, Hdt.4.187, Sammelb.6003.8 (iv A. D.): between βρέγμα and ἰνίον, Arist.HA491a34; “τὸ ὀστέον τῆς κ.Hp.VC2.
3. generally, summit, top, κατὰ κορυφὴν ἐσβαλεῖν ἐς τὴν κάτω Μακεδονίαν straight over the summit, ridge, Th.2.99, cf. IG42(1).71.11 (Epid., iv B. C.), OGI383.125 (Nemrud Dagh, i B. C.); κατὰ κ. [τῆς στήλης] ἔσφαττον (sc. ταύρους) Pl.Criti.119e; ἵσταται κατὰ κ. ἥλιος in the zenith, Plu.2.938a; τὸ κατὰ κ., with or without σημεῖον, the zenith, Gem.5.64, etc., cf. Plu.Mar.11, Procl.Hyp.4.59; ταῖς τῶν κατὰ κ. λίθων ἐμβολαῖς by the stones falling vertically, Plb.8.7.3.
4. apex, vertex of a triangle, Id.2.14.8; of the Delta, Pl.Ti.21e; point of an angle, “τὸ ἐπὶ τὴν κ. μέροςPlb.1.26.16, etc.; apex of a cone, Arist.Mete.362b3; κατὰ κορυφήν vertically opposite, of angles, Euc.1.15; of halves of double cone, Apollon. Perg.1 Def.
5. extremity, tip, κορυφαὶ [κλημάτων], τῶν συγκυπτῶν, Thphr.CP3.14.8, Ath.Mech.22.8; in Anatomy, the os coccygis, Poll. 2.183: in pl., finger-tips, Ruf.Onom.85, cf. Poll.2.146: Medic., of an abscess, ἐς κορυφὴν ἀνισταμένης ἀποστάσιος coming to a head, Aret. SA1.7.
II. metaph., λόγων κορυφαί the sum of all his words, Pi.O.7.69, cf. Pae.8.23; “ἔρχομαι ἐπὶ τὴν κ. ὧν εἴρηκαPl.Cra.415a; but λόγων κ. ὀρθάν true sense of legends, Pi.P.3.80; κορυφὰς ἑτέρας ἑτέρῃσι προσάπτων μύθων springing from peak to peak, i.e. treating a subject disconnectedly, Emp.24; κ. λόγος ἐπιθεὶς ἑαυτῷ having reached its conclusion, put the finishing touch to itself, Plu.2.975a; κ. τοῦ κακοῦ height, full development of . . , Aret.SD1.6; τοῦ πάθεος κ. ἴσχοντος ib.1.16.
2. height, excellence of . . , i.e. the choicest, best, “κορυφαὶ πολίωνPi.N.1.15; κ. ἀρετᾶν ib.34, cf. O.1.13; κ. ἀέθλων, of the Olympic games, Id.O.2.13, cf. N.9.9; “φιάλαν . . πάγχρυσον κ. κτεάνωνId.O.7.4; καιρὸς παντὸς ἔχει κορυφάν is the best of all, Id.P.9.79.
4. τῆς οἰκουμένης κ., of Rome, Lib.Or.59.19.
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