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κοῦφος , η, ον,
2. metaph., easy, light, τελεῖν . . κούφαν κτίσιν to make achievement easy, ib.13.83; “κ. εἰ δοίης τέλοςA.Th.260; κ. νύξ an easier night, of a sick person, Jul.Mis.342a (Comp.); “περίπατοςSor.1.46; “τὸ ὅσιον ἅπαν κ. ἔργονOGI383.120 (Nemrud Dagh, i B. C.); of government, light, κουφοτέραν βασιλείαν less oppressive, Isoc.9.51; “ εὔκλεια κουφοτέρα φέρεινX.Cyr.8.2.22; of an antagonist, easy-going, “κουφότατος ἦν κρατήσαςId.Ages.11.12; “δεσπότην ἀπράγμονα καὶ κ. ἐξαπατᾷ θεράπωνMen.Per.Fr.1.
4. light in point of weight, opp. βαρύς, Pl. Phlb.14d, R.438c (Comp.), etc.; κούφα σοι χθὼν ἐπάνωθε πέσοι may earth lie lightly on thee, E.Alc.462 (lyr.), cf. Hel.853; “κούφη σοι κόνις ἥδε πέλοιIG14.1942.4; κούφη σεῖο γαῖ᾽ ὀστέα κεύθοι ib.329 (Himera); κ. πνεύματα light airs, S.Aj.558; “ὀστᾶ τε καὶ κ. κόνιςMen.538.3; “τὸ κουφότατον . . τῶν κακῶν . . πενίαId.Kith.Fr.2.
b. Medic. in various uses, σικύαι κοῦφαι dry cuppings, Philum. ap. Orib.45.29.17, cf. Sor.2.11, etc.; also κούφου μένοντος τοῦ ἰοῦ on the surface, Philum.Ven.7.3; μὴν κ. the eighth month of pregnancy, Sor.1.56; of food, easy to digest, light, Arist.EN1141b18, etc.
d. of ships, lightly-laden, Th.6.37, 8.27.
6. empty, “κεράμιαGp.7.24.2, cf. PLond.5.1656.6 (iv A. D.), PFlor.314.8(v. A. D.): hence as Subst., κοῦφον (sc. κεράμιον), τό, jar, in pl., POxy.1631.16 (iii A. D.), PFay. 133.6 (iv A. D.), PStrassb.1.10 (vi A. D.).
7. Act., relieving, assisting, “χερὶ κούφᾳPi.P.9.11: prob. to be taken in this sense in Theoc. 11.3.
II. Adv. -φως lightly, nimbly, “κ. ὀροῦσαιA.Eu.112; κ. ἐσκευασμένοι, of soldiers, Th.4.33; “ὡπλισμένοιX.Mem.3.5.26, etc.; κ. ἔχειν to be relieved, Arist.Pr.873a16.
2. metaph., lightly, with light heart, “κουφότερον μετεφώνεεOd.8.201; “κ. νοῆσαιSapph.Supp. 5.14; κ. φέρειν, opp. δεινῶς φ., E.Med.449, 1018; “ὡς κουφότατα φέρεινHdt.1.35; διάγουσα κούφως doing well, of a patient, Hp.Epid.1.26.δ́.
3. lightly, with ease, A.Pr.701.
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