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λοιδορ-έω , fut. -ήσω D.40.48: aor.
A.ἐλοιδόρησαE.Med.873, etc.: pf. “λελοιδόρηκαPl.Phdr.241e:—Med. and Pass. (v. infr.), fut. -ήσομαι Ar.Eq.1400, etc.: aor. “ἐλοιδορησάμηνIs.6.59; Att. more freq. “ἐλοισορήθηνD.9.54,54.5 (v. infr.): (λοίδορος):—abuse, revile, τινα Hdt.3.145; “θεούςPi.O.9.37, cf. Ar.Nu.1140, X. An.3.4.49, BGU 1007.6 (iii B. C.), etc.: abs., E. l. c., etc.; sts. simply, rebuke, X. Cyr. 1.4.9; “οἶνον εἰς ἐπίνοιαν λ.Ar.Eq.90, cf. Plu.2.175b (Pass.): with neut. Adj., “ἐμαυτὸν πόλλ᾽ ἐλοιδόρησαE.Hel.1171; “οὐδὲν οὐδένα λ.Pl. Tht.174c; “λ. ἔνιαArist.EN1128a31: with a predicate added, [τὴν Τύχην] λ. τυφλήν reproach fortune as blind, Plu.2.98a:—Med., rail at one another, Antipho 2.1.4, Ar.Ra.857, D.54.18:—Pass., λοιδοροῦντας λοιδορουμένους reviling or reviled, Isoc.2.47, cf. Phld.Lib.p.29 O.; λελοιδορημένος ὑπὸ . . rebuked . . , X.HG5.4.29; “οὐκ ἐν δίκη λοιδορηθείςPl.Phdr.275e, cf. Grg.457d.
II. Med. with aor. Pass. in act. sense, c. dat. pers., rail at, τινι Ar.Eq.1400, Pl.456, Ec.248, Pl.R. 395d, etc.; also “λ. ἐπί τινιX.Ages.7.3; τινος Ach.Tat.1.6; “εἴς τιναLuc.Anach.22; “πρός τιναLXX Ex.17.2: c. acc. cogn., πάντα τὰ αἰσχρὰ λοιδορέονται, ὅτι . . they use all kind of foul reproaches, saying that . . , Hdt.4.184; “λοιδορίαν ἣν ἐλοιδορήθη Κρατίνῳ περὶ τούτωνD.21.132. —Act. never has dat. exc. in later Gr., LXX Ex.17.2, 2 Ma.12.14, Epict.Ench.34, Ant.Lib.22.5; in And.1.67 (ἠναντιώθην καὶ ἀντεῖπονκαὶ ἐλοιδόρησαἐκείνῳ ὧν ἦν ἄξιος) the dat. (if correct) depends on the other verbs; as does the acc. in “οὓς ὕβριζες καὶ ἐλοιδοροῦHyp. Dem.Fr.(a).—Only the Act. is found in Trag.
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