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λούω , contr. from λοέω , from which come impf.
A.λόεονOd.4.252: aor. inf. “λοέσσαι19.320; part. “λοέσσαςIl.23.282: fut. Med. “λοέσσομαιOd.6.221: 3sg. aor. λοέσσατο ib.227; “λοεσσάμενοςIl.10.577, Schwyzer 633 (Eresus, ii/i B. C.): also Ep. impf. “ἐλούεονh.Cer.289.—Later forms, “λούειHdt.6.52; inf. “λούεινHp.Morb.2.20, Pl.Phd.115a: fut. “λούσωCall.Del.95; Dor. “λουσῶTheoc.5.146: aor. “ἔλουσαAnacr.47, S.Ant.901, Ar.Lys.19 (Ep. “λοῦσαIl.16.679, etc.):—Med. “λούονταιHdt.4.75; inf. “λούεσθαιIl.6.508, Hp.Epid.5.70; part. “λουόμενοιHdt.3.23: fut. “λούσομαιAr.Nu.837, Pl.Phd.116a: aor. ἐλουσάμην ibid.; Ep. “λούσαντοIl.10.576; Dor. part. “λωσάμενοςBerl.Sitzb.1927.157 (Cyrene): —Pass., aor. “ἐλούθηνHp.Mul.1.11, later “ἐλούσθηνLyc.446: pf. λέλουμαι, 3sg. “λέλουταιAr.Pax868; part. “λελουμένοςIl.5.6, later “λέλουσμαιLXX Ca.5.12 (cod. Vat.).—Another old form of the pres. was λόω , whence 3sg. “λόειScol.25, 2sg. Med.“κατα-λόειAr.Nu.838 (prob.): 3sg. impf. “λόεOd.10.361, 3pl. “λόονh.Ap.120; 3sg. subj. Med. “λόηταιIG12(5).569.5 (Ceos, iii B.C.); inf. “λόεσθαιHes.Op.749:—to λόω also belong the foll. contr. forms, 3sg. impf. “ἀπ-έλουAr.V.118, “ἐλοῦμενId.Pl.657; pres. Pass. “λοῦταιSemon.7.63, X.Cyr.1.3.11, A.Fr. 366 (note); λοῦνται, ἐλοῦτο, Hdt.1.198, 3.125, “ἐλούμηνMen.363; 3pl. “ἐλοῦντοX.Cyr.4.5.4, etc. (Dor. λῶντο, λώοντο, Call.Lav.Pall.72, 73); inf. “λοῦσθαιOd.6.216, Hdt.3.124, Ar.Nu.1044, Pl.Lg.942b; part. “λούμενοςAr.Av.1623, Pl.658, X.Mem.3.13.3: the forms ἐλούομεν, λούομαι, ἐλουόμην, etc., are rejected by Phryn.165, but are freq. found in codd., Lys.1.9, etc.: the imper. form λοῦ (glossed by λοῦσαι, Hsch.), if correct, is contr. for λόε: (Cf. Lat. l[acaron]vo [fr. *lovo]): — wash, prop. wash the body (νίζω being used of the hands and feet, πλύνω of clothes), “τὸν δ᾽ Ἥβη λοῦσενIl.5.905; “δμῳαὶ λοῦσαν καὶ χρῖσαν ἐλαίῳOd.4.49, cf. 6.210; λοῦσ᾽ ἐν ποταμῷ bathed me, i.e. let me bathe, 7.296; τίς ἄν σφε λούσειεν; A.Th.739 (lyr.); “λούσαντες τὸν νεκρόνHdt.2.86, cf. E.Tr.1152, S.Ant.901; “λ. τινὰ ἀπὸ τῶν πληγῶνAct.Ap. 16.33; also λὄ ἐκ τρίποδος μεγάλοιο washed me [with water] from a great cauldron, Od.10.361; “ὀϊστοὺς λοῦσεν φοινίσσᾳ . . Ἄρης ψακάδιSimon. 106: c. acc. cogn., λουτρὸν λοῦσαί τινα, v. λουτρόν 1.2.
b. rarely of things, “λ. τὰ δύο μέρη τοῦ βαλανείουPFlor.384.30 (v A.D.).
2. metaph., purify, τινὰ ἐκ τῶν ἁμαρτιῶν v.l. in Apoc.1.5.
II. Med. and Pass., bathe, “λοῦσθαι ποταμοῖο ῥοῇσιOd.6.216: also c. gen., λελουμένος Ὠκεανοῖο (of a star just risen) fresh from Ocean's bath, Il.5.6; λούεσθαι ποταμοῖο bathe in the river, 6.508; so “ἀπὸ [κρήνης] λουόμενοιHdt.3.23: c. acc. cogn., “τὸ λουτρὸν Ῥέα λοῦταιArr.Tact. 33.4: abs., “λούσαντοOd.4.48, cf. Hdt.5.20, etc.; λελουμένος freshbathed, after bathing, Id.1.126, Ar.Lys.1064 (lyr.); “ἐν βαλανείῳ λελουμένοςPl.R.495e; “λούεσθαι ἐν πηλῷArist.HA595a31; “εἰς λουτρῶναςPtol.Euerg.3 J. (dub.): metaph., “τόξα . . αἵματι λουσάμεναSimon.143, cf. Call.Del.95; “λελουμένος τῷ φόνῳLuc.DMeretr.13.3.
2. in strict pass. sense, λοῦσθαι ὑπὸ τοῦ Διός, i.e. to be washed by the rain from heaven, Hdt.3.124, 125.
3. in strict med. sense, c. acc., λοέσσασθαι χρόα wash one's body, Hes.Op.522, Th.5; λούονται (v.l. λοῦνται)“ ὕδατι τὸ σῶμαHdt.4.75.
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