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ὀτρύν-ω [υ_], Ep. inf.
A.ὀτρυνέμενIl.4.286: impf. “ὤτρυνονHom. (v. infr.), etc.; Iterat. “ὀτρύνεσκονIl.24.24: fut. “ὀτρυ^νέωHom. (v. infr.): Ep. aor. “ὄτρυ_ναOd.17.430:—Med. or Pass., only in pres. and impf. (v. infr.): poet. Verb, the compd. ἐπ-οτρύνω being used in Prose: (v. sub fin.):—stir up, egg on, encourage, esp. to battle, to any sudden or violent exertion, τινα Il.5.482, 10.158, etc.; “τί με σπεύδοντα καὶ αὐτὸν ὀτρύνεις; 8.294; “ὄτρυνε μένος καὶ θυμὸν ἑκάστου5.470: freq. c. inf., “ὀπτῆρας . . ὄτρυνα νέεσθαιOd.17.430; “. τινὰ μάχεσθαιIl.4.294,414, etc.; “γήμασθαιOd. 19.158, etc.; “ἡμέας ὀτρύνων καταπαυέμεν2.244: without inf., τιν᾽ ἑταίρων ὀτρυνέεις Τρώεσσιν ἐπίσκοπον (sc. ἰέναι; Il.10.38; “ὃν ναῶν Ἕκτωρ ὤτρυνε κατόπτανE.Rh.558(lyr.): with Preps., Ἑρμείαν . . νῆσον ἐς Ὠγυγίην ὀτρύνομεν (sc. ἰέναι) Od.1.85, cf. Il.15.59; “σέ γε θυμὸς . ἐπὶ νῆας24.289; “τὸν δ᾽ . πόλιν εἴσωOd. 15.40; “ποτὶ δῶμα17.75; “προτὶ ἼλιονIl.19.156; “πόλινδεOd.15.306; “πόλεμόνδεIl.2.589; “ποτὶ βουθυσίαν ἭραςPi.N.10.23: rarely folld. by “ὡς, Ὀδυσῆα ὄτρυν᾽, ὡς ἂν πύρνα . . ἀγείροιOd. 17.362: rarely also c. dat. pers. et inf., “ὤτρυνον . . θεραπόντεσσιν φυλάξαιPi.P.4.41:—Med. or Pass., rouse oneself, bestir oneself, hasten, c. inf., “ἕπεσθαιOd.10.425; “ὀτρυνώμεθ᾽ ἀμυνέμεν ἀλλήλοισινIl.14.369, cf. Od.17.183; “ὑμεῖς δ᾽ ὀτρύνεσθαι . . , ὥς κ᾽ ἐμὲ . . ἐπιβήσετε πάτρης7.222:—the Act. in this intr. sense is only f.l. in Il. 7.420.
2. less freq. of animals, urge on, cheer on, “οὐρῆας23.111; “ἵππους τε καὶ ἀνέρας16.167, etc.; “κύνας18.584.
3. of things, urge forward, quicken, speed, “πομπὴν ὀτρύνετεOd.7.151, cf. 8.30; “τούτῳ δ᾽ ὀτρυνέει Μέντωρ ὁδόν2.253; “ἀγγελίην ὀτρύνομεν16.355; “μάχην ὤτρυνον ἈχαιῶνIl.12.277; βοὰν ὤτρυνε λαῶν roused the shouts of the people, B.8.35 (s. v.l.).—Ep. Verb, used now and then by Trag., in lyr., A. Th.726, E.Rh.25,558: in trim., S.Aj.60,771, El.28, E.Alc. 755: rare even in later Prose, Arist.Mu.399b11. (Prob. ὀ-τρυ^-ν-yω, with ὀ- prefix (as in ὀ-κέλλω; -τρυ^- perh. cogn. with Skt. tvárate 'hasten'.)
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