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πῆχυς (Aeol. πᾶχυς Alc.33), , gen.
A.πήχεοςHp.Fract.2, al., Hdt. 1.178, Pl.Alc.1.126d, Arist.Mir.813a10, LXXEx.25.9, al., Plb.10.44.2, Ph.Bel.73.42, “πήχεωςArist.HA606a14 (v.l. -εος), PCair.Zen.484.10 (iii B.C.), πήχως (condemned by Phryn.222) corrected to “πήχεοςPCair.Zen.665.1 (iii B. C.) : gen. pl. “πήχεωνIG12.314.39, 22.1673.15, PCair.Zen.353.10 (iii B. C.); later contr. “πηχῶνX.An.4.7.16 codd., Arist.Pol.1302b37, PCair.Zen.54.4 (iii B. C.), PStrassb.85.20 (ii B. C.), Phld.Sign.2, Phryn.222, Moer.p.327 P.:—forearm, from wrist to elbow, Hp.Fract.2, 3, al., Poll.2.140 ; opp. βραχίων, Pl.Ti.75a, X. Eq.12.5: in Poets, generally, arm, “ἀμφὶ δ᾽ ἑὸν φίλον υίὸν ἐχεύατο πήχεε λευκώIl.5.314, cf. Od.17.38, 23.240 ; λευκὸν ἀντείνασα π. B.Fr.13.4, cf. E.Or.1466 (lyr.) ; λαιὸν ἔπαιρε π. Id.Heracl.728.
2. Anat., ulna, Ruf.Onom.80, Gal.UP2.2, Sor.Fract.20.
III. in pl., horns of the lyre, opp. ζυγόν (the bridge), Hdt.4.192 ; “πήχεις ἐναρμόσας καὶ ζυγώσαςLuc.DDeor.7.4.
2. also, = ζυγόν, crosspiece or bridge in which the horns were fitted, Artemo Hist.12.
IV. in the balance, beam, IG22.1013.32, Theol.Ar. 29.
V. as a measure of length, distance from the point of the elbow to that of the middle finger, = 6 παλασταί = 24 δάκτυλοι, Poll.2.158 ; “π. μέτριοςHdt.1.178 ; π. ἰδιωτικός, κοινός, Sch.Luc.Cat.16 ; but π. βασιλήϊος, = 27 δάκτυλοι, Hdt.1.178, 7.117 ; “ Αἰγύπτιος π. τυγχάνει ἴσος ἐὼν τῷ ΣαμίῳId.2.168, cf. Luc. l. c. ; for later measurements, Hero Deff.131, Geom.4.2,al.
2. cubit-rule, as we say 'foot-rule', Ar. Ra.799, Gal.1.47 ; “π. ἀκαμπήςAP6.204 (Leon.) ; as epith. of Nemesis, APl.4.223, 224.
3. metaph. of any small amount (cf. πήχυιος), Ev.Matt.6.27 ; κατὰ πῆχυν little by little, Marin.Procl.26.
VI. πήχεις, οἱ, the cubits (of inundation), represented in pictures as children one cubit high playing round the Nile, Luc.Rh.Pr.6, Philostr. Im.1.5. (Cf. Skt. bāhú-, Avest. bāzu- (masc.) 'arm', ONorse bógr 'shoulder'.)
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