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πορφύρω [υ_], poet. Verb, only pres. and impf., of the sea, ὡς ὅτε πορφύρῃ πέλαγος μέγα κύματι κωφῷ as when the huge sea
A.heaves, surges, swirls with dumb swell (i.e. with waves that do not break), Il.14.16, cf. Arat.158, Artem.2.23; “ὑπὸ στείρῃσι θάλασσα πορφύρειArat.296; “διάνδιχα νηὸς ἰούσης δίνῃ πορφύροντα διήνυσαν ἙλλήσποντονA.R.1.935; of flame, [“φλόγα] φονίῳ σβέσεν αἵματι πορφύρουσανId.4.668:—later in Med., κἂν γαλήνη πορφύροιτο even in a gently heaving calm, Him.Or.31.2; “εὔδια μὲν πόντος πορφύρεταιAP10.14 (Agath.).
2. metaph., πολλὰ δέ οἱ κραδίη πόρφυρε much was his heart troubled, Il.21.551, cf. Od.4.427,572, 10.309; though others take it trans., his heart brooded, pondered on many things, as in Q.S.2.85, al., Epic. ap. Suid.: abs., ponder, A.R.3.456; π. οἷον . . ib. 1161.
II. after Hom., grow red, of a river, καὶ τὺ δὲ Κρᾶθι οἴνῳ πορφύροις may'st thou flush with wine, Theoc.5.125 (= βλύζοις Sch., i.e. signf. 1.1; prob. both senses are meant); “τόσον ἄνθος χιονέαις πόρφυρε παρηΐσιBion 2.19; “αἰδοῖ π. παρήϊονQ.S.14.47; “πορφύρων βότρυςAP9.249 (Maec.); δαίδαλα πορφύρων, of the tiger's skin, Opp. C.3.347; of ringlets, “ὑακίνθοις . . ὅμοια πορφύροντεςLuc.Am.26, cf. Him.Or.1.19; γῆ π. ἄνθεσι ib.13.7.
2. trans., dye red,χεῖρας φόνῳNonn.D.44.106:—Pass., [οἴνῳ] πορφύρετο πέτρη ib.45.308, etc. (πορφυ^ρ-yw, redupl., cogn. with Lat.fervere, fermentum, OE.beorm 'barm, froth on fermenting malt liquors, yeast'; for the sequence of meanings cf. English flush (1) 'flow suddenly in great volume', (2) of blood, 'rush to the cheeks', (3) of the cheeks, etc., 'become red'; cf. πορφύρεος.
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