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προσίστημι ,
A.set against, “πρῷραν βιότου πρὸς κῦμαE.Tr.103 (anap.).
2. weigh out to, “μοι ὀστοῦνMacho ap.Ath.6.243f.
3. bring together the edges of a wound, Hp.Ulc.10.
4. check, stop, “τὸ πνεῦμαArist. l.c., cf. 864a13.
II. mostly Pass. προσίσταμαι, with intr. tenses of Act., stand near to or by, τινι Hdt.; “πύλαιςA. Th.126(lyr.), cf.Ar.Ach.683: also c. acc., with a notion of approaching, “βωμὸν προσέστηνA.Pers.203: with a Prep., “π. πρὸς τῷ δικαστηρίῳAeschin.1.117: c. dat., “πλάνος καρδίᾳ προσίσταταιE.Fr.1038: abs., “π. ἀκουσόμενοςX.Cyr.6.2.13, cf. E.IA23(anap.), Pl.Ly.207b, Men.Pk.61; adhere, c. dat., Archig. ap. Paul.Aeg.4.7.
2. occur, come on, of attacks of pain, etc., ἂν ὀδύνη π. Hp.Morb.2.56, cf. Epid.7.96: metaph., “κἀμοὶ προσέστη καρδίας κλυδώνιον χολῆςA.Ch.183; προσίσταταί μοι it comes into my head, occurs to me, “ σοι προσέστηPl.Smp.175d, cf. Tht. 173d: c.acc., “ὡς δὲ ἄρα μιν προσστῆναι τοῦτοHdt.1.86.
b. more freq. c. dat., offend, give offence to, “τοῖς ἀκούουσινD.60.14; προσίστανται ὑμῖν αἱ τοιαῦται εἰσαγγελίαι you are sick of them, Hyp.Eux.1, cf. Epicur.Ep.3p.61U.; [πτώσεις] μηκυνόμεναι π. ταῖς ἀκοαῖς offend the ear, D.H.Comp.12, cf. Isoc.2; “τοῖς ἀκούουσινId.1.8; ἐπαινοῦντες πολλάκις π. Plu.2.629f; “π. σοι τὰ ἐν τῷ ἀμφιθεάτρῳM.Ant.6.46; of food, go against the stomach, Pl. Com.95, Plu.2.655f (in Hp.Mul.1.11 ὄχλος π. αὐτῇσι (sc. τῇσι γυναιξί) shd. be read).
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