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θεάομαι , Ep. and Ion. θηέομαι (v. infr.), Dor. θα_έομαι , Θάομαι (qq. v.), imper.
A.θεῶAr.Ach.262; opt. θηοῖο (for Att. θεῷο) Il.24.418; part. “θηεύμενοςHdt.7.146: Ion. impf. ἐθηεῖτο, ἐθηεῦντο, Id.1.10, 3.136; Ep. “θηεῖτοOd.5.75, etc., “θηεῦντοIl.7.444, al., “ἐθηεύμεσθαOd.9.218, “ἐθεῆτοHp.Nat.Puer.13, θηέσκετο Poet. ap. Parth.21.2: fut. θεάσομαι [α_], Ion. -ήσομαι: aor. ἐθεα_σάμην, Ep. opt. θηήσαιο, θηήσαιτο, Od.17.315, 5.74; 3pl. “ἐθηήσαντοEuph.51.15; Ion. inf. θεήσασθαι (v.l. θεάσ-) Hdt.1.8: Att. pf. “τεθέαμαιX.Cyr.7.5.7: codd. of Hdt. vary betw. θεη- and θηη-: a rare Ion. contr. of θηη- to θη- is found in “θησαίατ᾽Od.18.191, “θησάμενοςIG12.826:—gaze at, behold, mostly with a sense of wonder, “θηεῦντο μέγα ἔργονIl.7.444, cf. Od.2.13; “λαοὶ δ᾽ αὖ θηεῦντό τε θάμβησάν τεIl.23.728, cf. Hdt.1.8,11, etc.; “θ. τὰ καλάDemocr.194; “πάντες ὥσπερ ἄγαλμα ἐθεῶντο αὐτόνPl.Chrm. 154c; “θ. ὄμμασιE.Ion232 (lyr.); “ζητεῖ τὸ κακὸν τεθεᾶσθαιAr.Th.797 codd.; ἐθεᾶτο . . τὴν θέσιν τῆς πόλεως . . , ὡς ἔχοι reconnoitred it, Th.5.7; “θ. κύκλῳ τὴν πόλινX.Cyr.4.5.7: abs., θεᾷ; do you see? Men.Epit. 564.
2. of the mind, contemplate, “τὸ ἀληθέςPl.Phd.84b, al.
3. view as spectators, esp. in the theatre, Isoc.4.44; οἱ θεώμενοι the spectators, Ar.Ra.2, cf.Nu.518, al. (but also, onlookers, bystanders, Antipho 3.3.7): metaph., θ. τὸν πόλεμον to be spectators of the war, Hdt. 8.116.
II. Act. θεάω , late, Baillet Tombeaux des rois à Thèbes 1080: elsewh. in imper. “θέαThem.Or.3.44b, Jul.Ep.89b, Hsch.: aor. ἐθεάθην in pass. sense, Ps. -Callisth.2.42, Ev.Marc.16.11, Ap.Ty.Ep.49, Just.Nov.133.3.1: pres. “θεῶνταιPhilostr.Her.2.9. (Orig. prob. θα_ϝ έομαι and θα_ϝάομαι, cf. θαῦ-μα.)
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