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θιγγάνω , fut. προσ-θίξῃ prob. for
A.-ειςE.Heracl.652: 2 fut. “τεθίξομαιId.Hipp.1086: aor.2 “ἔθι^γονArchil.71, E.Ba.304, etc.; Lacon. inf. “σιγῆνAr.Lys.1004:—Pass., aor.“θιχθῆναιS.E.M.9.258:—touch, handle: abs., “μὴ θίγγανεIG12(3).451 (Thera), etc.: usu. c. gen., “οἴακοςA.Ag. 663, etc.; χερσὶ or χερὶ θ. τινός, Id.Th.44, E.Ba.1318; “δι᾽ ὁσίων χειρῶνS.OC470: c. acc., χεῖρα (s. v.l.) “Νεοβούλης θιγεῖνArchil. l.c.; χερσὶ γλαυκᾶς ἐλαίας θιγοῦ[σ᾽ ὄζον] Limen.6 (dub. l.):—Pass., to be touched, Arist.HA495a6.
2. take hold of, τινος S.Aj.1410 (anap.), etc.; θ. ὠλέναισιν τέκνου embrace, E.Ph.300 (lyr.); θ. γυναικός have intercourse with . . , Id.Hipp.1044; θ. εὐνῆς ib.885, cf. S.OC329: abs., E.El.51; γλίχεται θιγεῖν καὶ συνεῖναι, of man's aspiration after God, Phld.D. 3.1.
3. touch, attempt, παντὸς . . λόγου κακοῦ γλώσσῃ θ. S.Ph.408; “μή μοι λεπτῶν θίγγανε μύθωνE.Fr.924; “θ. πονηρίαςIsyll.5; in hostile sense, attack, “θηρόςE.Ba.1183 (lyr.); “σώματος τοῦ σοῦId.IA1351 (troch.).
II. metaph., of the feelings, touch, θιγγάνει σέθεν τόδε; Id.Hipp.310; ψυχᾶς, φρενῶν, Id.Alc.108; πολλὰ θ. πρὸς ἧπαρ reach to the heart, A.Ag.432 (lyr.).
2. touch upon, in speaking or discussion, Arist.Metaph.988a23,al., Pol.1323b38; also of the mind, apprehend, “νοῦς . . θιγγάνων καὶ νοῶνId.Metaph.1072b21, al.
3. reach, win, “ἀγώνωνPi.I.1.18, etc. also c. dat., θ. ἡσυχίᾳ, ἀρεταῖς, ψεύδει, Id.P.4.296, 8.24, 9.42; reach, hit, “διαβολὴ θ. τινόςPlu.Alex.10.—Not found in pure Att. Prose (ἅπτομαι being used), but used by X.Cyr.1.3.5,al.: aor. 1 inf. θίξαι v.l. for ψαῦσαι in Suid.s.v. θιγεῖν, θῖξαι v.l. for δεῖξαι in Arist.EN1111a14.
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