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ῥυθμός , Ion. ῥυσμός (v. infr. 111, IV), : (ῥέω):—
A.any regular recurring motion (“πᾶς . ὡρισμένῃ μετρεῖται κινήσειArist.Pr.882b2):
2. special phrases: ἐν ῥυθμῷ in time, of dancing, marching, etc., “βαίνειν ἐν .Pl.Lg.670b, cf. X.An.5.4.14; “ὀρχεῖσθαιId.Cyr.1.3.10; ἐν τῷ . ἀναπνεῖν respire regularly, Arist.Pr.882b1; so “σωζόμενος .A.Ch.797 (lyr.); “μετὰ ῥυθμοῦ βαίνοντεςTh.5.70; ῥυθμὸν χορείας ὑπάγειν keep time, Ar.Th.956 (lyr.); θάττονα ῥυθμὸν ἐπάγειν play in quicker time, X.Smp.2.22; “πυρριχίῳ δρόμῳ καὶ ῥυθμῷHdn.4.2.9, cf. Plb.4.20.6: pl., paces, Alcid.Soph. 17.
II. measure, proportion or symmetry of parts, at rest as well as in motion, κατὰ τὸν αὐτὸν . Pl.Lg.728e.
III. generally, proportion, arrangement, order, “ῥυθμῷ τινιE.Cyc.398 (codd., but θ᾽ ἑνὶ is prob.); οὐκ ἀπὸ ῥυσμοῦ εἰκάζω not without reason, Call. Epigr.44.5.
IV. state or condition of anything, temper, disposition, Thgn.964 (coupled with ὀργή and τρόπος)“; οἷος ῥυσμὸς ἀνθρώπους ἔχειArchil.66.7; “ὅσοι χθονίους ἔχουσι ῥυσμοὺς καὶ χαλεπούςAnacr. 74; μένει . . χρῆμ᾽ οὐδὲν ἐν ταὐτῷ . Eup.356.
V. form, shape of a thing, Democr.5i; identified by Arist. with σχῆμα, Metaph.985b16, 1042b14; μετέβαλον τὸν . τῶν γραμμάτων changed the form or shape of the letters, Hdt.5.58; of Chian boots, Hp.Art.62; of the shape of a cup, Alex.59; of a breastplate, X.Mem.3.10.10; [τοῦ θυσιαστηρίου] LXX 4 Ki.16.10; “Αὐτονόας . ωὑτόςTheoc.26.23; so of the natural features of a country, D.P.271,620; structure of a substance, κεγχροειδὲς τῷ ., τῷ . σπογγῶδες, Dsc.5.77,118.
VI. manner, fashion of a thing, “Ἕλλην . πέπλωνE.Heracl.130; τίνι . φόνου; by what kind of slaughter? Id.El.772, cf. Supp.94; ἐν τριγώνοις ῥυθμοῖς triangular-wise, A.Fr.78. [υ^ by nature, A.Ch.797 (lyr.), E.Supp.94, etc.; υ_ by position in Thgn.964, etc.]
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