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ῥέζω (A), freq. in Ep. and Trag. (v. infr.), but rare in Att. Prose and Com. (Pherecr. 152 is mock heroic): impf.
A.ἔρεζονIl.2.400, Ep. “ῥέζονOd.3.5, Ion. “ῥέζεσκονIl.8.250: fut. “ῥέξωOd.11.31, A.Eu.788 (lyr.), al.: aor. “ἔρρεξαIl.9.536, 10.49, Pl.Lg.642c; poet. also “ἔρεξαHom. (v. infr.), Hes.Fr.174, S.OC538 (lyr.), etc.; Aeol. part. “ῥέξαιςPi.O. 9.94:—Pass., aor. 1 opt. “ῥεχθείηHp.Epid.7.11; part. “ῥεχθείςIl.9.250, 20.198. (ῥέζω from ϝρέγ-yω, cogn. with ἔρδω from ϝέργ-yω [through ϝέρzδω]: Dor. and Boeot. ῥέδδω Eust.226.8, 984.1, Hsch.; aor. part. “ϝρέξανταIG4.1607 (Cleonae).)
I. do, act, deal, opp. εἰπεῖν, Od.4.205, 22.314; opp. παθεῖν, v. infr.:—Constr.,
3. c. dupl. acc. pers. et rei, do something to one, “κακὰ ῥέξαι τινά3.354, Od.2.73; “ἀγαθὰ . τινά22.209, cf. Il.9.647; “οὐδέν σε ῥέξω κακά24.370, cf. 4.32, Od.2.72: with Adv., κακῶς μιν ἔρ. wronged him, 23.56; so “ πόλις ἡμᾶς οὐ καλῶς ἔρρεξεPl.Lg.642c: but c. dat. pers., μηκέτι μοι κακὰ ῥέζετε do me (ethic dat.) no more mischiefs, Od.20.314; “ὅσα βροτοῖς ἔρεξας κακάE.Med.1292 (lyr.).
4. with strengthd. signf., εἴ τι νόος ῥέξει if it shall avail aught, be of any service, Il.14.62.
II. in special sense, perform sacrifices, ἱερὰ . Od.1.61, 3.5; . ἑκατόμβας ἀθανάτοις offer a hecatomb to the gods, Il.23.206, cf. Od. 5.102, Pi.P.10.34; “. θαλύσιά τινιIl.9.535; “θύματα Ζηνὶ τῆς ἁλώς εωςS.Tr.288: abs., do sacrifice, “. θεῷIl.2.400, 8.250, etc.: sts. with the victim in acc., σοί . . ῥέξω βοῦν ἦνιν will sacrifice it, 10.292, cf. Od.9.553, 10.523.
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