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σύμμετρ-ος , ον, (μέτρον)
A.commensurate with, of like measure or size with, σύμμετρος σῷ ποδί (sc. βάσις) E.El.533; “χαμεύνῃId.Fr. 676; βόστρυχον . . σύμμετρον τῷ σῷ κάρᾳ exactly like it, A.Ch.230: esp. of Time, commensurate with, keeping even with, δαλὸν ἥλικα ξύμμετρόν τε διαὶ βίου ib.610 (lyr.); τῷδε τἀνδρὶ ς. being of like age with him, S. OT1113; ποίᾳ ξύμμετρος προὔβην τύχῃ; coincident with what chance have I come? i.e. in the very nick of time, Id.Ant.387, cf. E.Alc.26 (infr. 111).
2. in Mathematics, having a common measure, σύμμετροι αἱ τῷ αὐτῷ μέτρῳ μετρούμεναι (sc. γραμμαί) Arist.LI968b6; freq. denied of the relation between the diagonal of a square and its side, Id.APo.71b27, APr.41a26, Ph.221b25, Rh.1392a18; [τὸ νόμισμα] πάντα ποιεῖ σύμμετρα commensurable, Id.EN1133b22; μήκει οὐ σύμμετροι τῇ ποδιαίᾳ not lineally commensurate with the one-foot side, Pl.Tht.147d, cf. 148b: Comp., of musical intervals, “ταῖς αἰσθήσεσιν εὐληπτότερα τὰ -ότεραPtol.Harm.1.10.
3. in accord with the metre, S.Eleg.1; σύμμετροι ἐπεκτύπεον ποδῶν χορείαις in time, Tim. Pers.213.
II. in measure with, proportionable, exactly suitable, λόγοι ἀνδράσι ς. Isoc.4.83, cf. 5.110, 12.135; γῆ θηρίοις μᾶλλον ἀνθρώποις ς. Str.15.1.26; “ς. πρός τιPl.Lg.625d, Metrod.Fr.1, etc.; c. dat., Pl.Men.76d, Ti.67c, Epicur.Fr.81 (Comp.).
2. abs., in right measure, in due proportion, symmetrical, opp. ὑπερβάλλων and ἐλλείπων, Arist.EN1104a18, al.; “τὸ ς. καὶ καλόνPl.Phlb.66b; “τῶν φύσει ξηροτέρων . . ὡς πρὸς τὸν ς. παραβάλλεινGal.6.360, cf. 27, al.
3. generally, fitting, meet, due, “ξύμμετρον δ᾽ ἔπος λέγωA.Eu.532 (lyr.); “δένδρον πολυκαρπότερον τοῦ συμμέτρουPl.Ti.86c, cf. Phld.Rh.1.288S., al.; ξύμμετρος ὡς κλύειν within fit distance for hearing, S.OT84.
4. moderate, “πόνοιIsoc.1.12; “ὥστε σύμμετρον . . τὸ πνεῦμα . . ποιεῖνAntiph.202.16; “ς. τροφαίSor.1.26, cf. 49, al.; ς. στέγη moderate in size, X.Oec.8.13; of suitable size, “σκῆπτρονOGI56.62 (Canopus, iii B.C.).
III. Adv. -τρως in moderation, Isoc.1.32, etc.; in due time, “ἀφίκετοE.Alc.26; ς. πρὸς ἑωυτόν conveniently, Hp.Off.3; ς. ἔχειν πρός τι to be in proportion to . ., X.Eq.1.16; “εἴς τιArist.Mir. 834a15; “ς. ἴσχειν λεπτότητος καὶ πάχουςPl.Ti.85c; τὸ μετὰ νοῦ καὶ τὸ ς. Nicom.Com.1.36; = μετρίως, φέρειν IG12(7).396.31 (Amorgos, ii B.C.), cf. Aristid.Quint.2.5. Comp. -ότερον more fittingly, D.61.27 (v.l. -ώτερον).
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