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σύρω [υ_], Batr.75, etc.: fut.
A.συ^ρῶLXX 2 Ki.17.13: aor. ἔσυ_ρα κατ-) Hdt.5.81, (παρ-) A.Pr.1065 (anap.), (δι-) D.19.313: pf. σέσυρκα δια-) Diph.75, (ἐπι-) D.H.1.7:—Med., aor. ἐσυ_ράμην περι-) Hyp. Fr.264, (ἀν-) D.S.1.85:—Pass., aor. ἐσύρην [υ^] Paus.2.32.1: pf. σέσυρμαι ἐπι-) Plb.12.4c.3, Luc.Nav.2:—draw, drag, trail along, “χιτῶναTheoc.2.73; μέχρι τῶν σφυρῶν τὴν ἐσθῆτα ς. D.C.46.18; βλαύτας σύρων trailing his torn slippers, Anaxil.18.2 (anap.); cf. “σύρμα1.1.; drag a net, Ev.Jo.21.8, Plu.2.977f; ς. πηκτίδα, v. πηκτίς 1.2; of oxen, “ἵνα σύρῃ τὰ ξύλαPFlor.158.7 (iii A.D.); drag about, τι Luc.Asin.56, Orph.H.81.4:—Pass., hang trailing, trail along, οὐρή, νηδύς, Tryph. 82, AP9.310Antiphil.); of a person, crawl, σύρεσθαι γαστέρι ib.5.293.12 (Agath.):—also intr. in Act., of a column of ships compared to a serpent, Lyc.217; crawl, “συρόντων ἐπὶ γῆνLXX De.32.24.
2. drag by force, hale, “αἰχμάλωτονTheoc.Adon. 12; “ΠριαμίδηνAP7.152 (Pass.); “ἄνδρας καὶ γυναῖκαςAct.Ap.8.3; of waves or rivers, sweep, sweep away, “κλύδων ἐπὶ χέρσον ἔσυρεν δελφῖναAP7.216 (Antip. Thess.), cf. 9.84 (Antiphan., Pass.); πόλεμος χειμάρρου δίκην πάντα ς. Plu.2.5f: metaph., φάραγγα ς. the dough has a cleft made in it, Eub.75.12:— Pass., “σύρεσθαι κατὰ ῥοῦνPlu.Mar.23; χρυσὸς οὐ μεταλλεύεται μόνον, ἀλλὰ καὶ σύρεται, of gold-dust (cf. συρτός), Str.3.2.8: abs. in Pass., of a stream, flow or run down, D.P.46, cf. Orac.Chald. ap. Dam.Pr.262: metaph. in AP10.62 (Pall.).
3. metaph. in Pass., to be dragged, drawn, “εἰς οὐκ ἀναγκαῖα πράγματαDiog.Oen.1, cf. Iamb.VP3.16.
4. Pass., of taxes, to be attached to land, pf. part. σεσυρομένης (sic) PLond.5.1686.33 (vi A.D.), cf. ἐπισεσυρομένα in PFlor.294.41 (vi A.D.), and ἐπισύρεσθαι in PMasp.151.135 (vi A.D.).
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