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συγγίγνομαι , Ion. and later Gr. συγγίν- [ι_]: fut. -γενήσομαι, aor. -εγενόμην, pf. -γέγονα (also
A.συγγεγένημαιAr.Eq.1293 (lyr.)):—to be born with, “ἅμα ς. γινομένοιςArist.HA547b31, cf. D.S.2.56, Man.1.200.
II. associate, keep company with, hold converse with, τινι Hdt. 3.55, E.El.603, Ba.237, Ar.Nu.1317(lyr.), V.1468(lyr.), Th.2.12, etc.; “χαλεποὶ συγγενέσθαιPl.R.330c; πᾶσαν τὴν συνουσίαν ς. Id.Lg.672a; also “ξ. ταῖς Νεφέλαισιν ἐς λόγουςAr.Nu.252: abs., coexist, cohere, “ἀήθεαEmp.22.8.
2. of disciples or pupils, hold converse with a master, consult him, περί τινος, τίνος πέρι; Pl.Phd.61d, Ar.Av.113, cf. Pl. Men.91e, X.Mem.1.2.27; “φροντίσιAr.Eq.1293 (lyr.); of the master, Plu.Per.4.
3. ς. γυναικί have sexual intercourse with her, X.An.1.2.12, Pl.R.329c; “παιδὶ καλῷIG42(1).121.105 (Epid., iv B.C.); of the woman, Hdt.2.121.έ, Pl.Lg.930d, Plu.Sol.23.
4. come to assist, τινι A.Ch.245,456 (lyr.): abs., S.El.411; ξὺν δὲ γενοῦ πρὸςἐχθρούςA.Ch.460 (lyr.).
5. abs., come together, meet, Th.4.83, 5.37; “ς. ἐς πόσινHdt.1.172; οἱ συγγιγνόμενοι comrades, X.Mem. 1.2.16; ἀριθμὸς συγγ. coming to our aid, Pl.Epin.978a.
III. become acquainted or conversant with, “σπλάγχνοισιEup.108, cf. 38; “ἐνδείᾳPl.Phlb.45b; “ὑδροποσίαιςId.Lg.674a; “λόγῳArist.Rh.Al. 1420b28.
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