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τέσσα^ρες , οἱ, αἱ, τέσσαρα, τά, gen. ων: dat. τέσσαρσιν) Th.2.21, Act.Ap.12.4, etc.; poet.
A.τέτρα^σιHes.Fr.188, Pi.O.8.68, al., and in late Prose, as LXX Jd.9.34, Str.13.1.3, Hermog.Meth.29, Top.208.12,in Sens.54.18, PSI10.1126.9 (iii A.D.), v.l. in Act.Ap.11.5 (cod. D), and in good codd. of Arist.IA704a11, al., Theol.Ar.19, etc.; also “τέταρσιSIG729.3 (Delph., i B.C.), PSI9.1028.10 (i A.D.):—Att. τέττα^ρες , τέττα^ρα, dat. “τέτταρσινIsoc.12.3; also τάρων (v. τάρες) for τεττάρων; Phocian dat. “τεττάροιςIG9(1).32.78 (Stiris, ii B.C.):—Ion. and later Gr. τέσσερες , τέσσερα, SIG57.25 (Milet., v B.C.), Schwyzer 289.120 (Rhodian, ii B.C.), etc. (dat. “τέσσερσιHdt.6.41, “τεσσέρασινSIG633.98 (Milet., ii B.C.)), but τέσσαρες in Hom., and Schwyzer707 B 4 (Ephesus, vi B.C.), etc.: codd. of LXX have τέσσαρες (nom. and acc.), τεσσάρων, τέσσαρσι, but τέσσερας), τεσσεράκοντα; since however τέσσερας) and τεσσεράκοντα, apart from Ion., are not common in Papyri before ii A.D., the LXX autographs prob. had τέσσαρας) and τεσσαράκοντα; the form τέσσερας) is here due to avoidance by the copyists of the sequence ε-α-α:—Dor. τέτορες , τέτορα, Hes.Op. 698, Phoc.3, Simon.91, Epich.149, SIG240I8 (Delph., iv B.C.), al., Theoc.14.16:—Ep. (prob. Aeol.) πίσυ^ρες [ι^] Od.5.70, 16.249, A.R. 2.1110, Nic.Th.182; acc. “πίσυ^ραςOd.22.111, Il.15.680, al., Call.Dian. 105, IGRom.4.360.26 (Pergam., ii A.D.); gen. “πισύρωνDam.Isid.290 (metrical?), prob. in Hsch.; dat. πισύρεσσι, πισύροισι, -ῃσι, -αις, Nonn.D.16.119, 38.176, 236, 39.377, AP14.7.4: Aeol. also πέσυ^ρες , neut. πέσυ^ρα Epigr.Gr.988.6 (Balbilla); and πέσσυ^ρες , πέσσυ^ρα , Hsch.:—Boeot. πέττα^ρες , α (q.v.):—four, Od.9.335, etc.; διὰ τεττάρων the musical interval of the fourth, Damox.2.55, etc.; τὰ τέσσαρα the four simple bodies of Empedocles, Plot.6.2.2; the four kinds of quality or four Aristotelian senses of ποιόν, Id.6.1.10; the four cardinal principles of Epicurus (cf. τετραφάρμακος), Phld.Herc.1251.11. (Cf. Skt. catvā´ras (acc. catúras), Lat. quattuor, Lith. keturì, etc.: I.-E. q[uglide]et[uglide]or-.)
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