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τράπεζ-α [τρα^], ης, , Dor. τράπεσδα Alcm.74b:—
A.table, esp. dining-table, eating-table, freq. in Hom., Τηλεμάχοιο τ., ἐμὴ τ., Od.17.333, 447, cf. IG12.330.4, Men.518.2; “τ. παραθεῖναιHdt.6.139, Alex.171; “παρέκειτο τ.Il.24.476; τ. εἰσφέρειν, ἐπάγειν, Ar.V.1216, Anaxandr. 2 (but ἐσῄρετο is prob. cj.); “ τ. εἰσῄρετοAr.Ra.518; “τ. ἀφαιρεῖνOd. 19.61, X.Smp.2.1 (Pass.); “αἴρεινMen.273, cf. 451; “ἐκφέρεινPl.Com. 69.2; ξενίη τ. the hospitable board,ἴστω Ζεύς . . ξενίη τε τ.Od.14.158, cf. 21.28; “ᾔσχυνε ξενίαν τ. κλοπαῖσιA.Ag.401 (lyr.), cf. 701 (lyr.); “ὅρκον μέγαν, ἅλας τε καὶ τράπεζανArchil.96, cf. Wilcken Chr.11.58 (ii B. C.); “ ξενικὴ τ.Aeschin.3.224; “τοὺς τῆς πόλεως ἅλας καὶ τὴν δημοσίαν τ.Id.2.22; δέξασθαι τραπέζῃ καὶ κοίτῃ entertain at bed and board, Hdt.5.20; “κοίτης μεθέξουσα καὶ τραπέζης μόνονPlu.Brut.13; “ἐπὶ τὰς αὐτὰς τ. ἰέναιAntipho 2.1.10; τράπεζαν Περσικὴν παρετίθετο he kept a table in the Persian fashion, Th.1.130; “τ. κοσμεῖνX. Cyr.8.2.6, etc.; εἰς ἀλλοτρίαν τ. ἀποβλέπειν live at other men's table, at their expense, Id.An.7.2.33; τὴν τ. ἀνατρέπειν upset the table, D.19.198; prov. of a spendthrift, And.1.130; table dedicated to the gods, on which meats and offerings were set out, IG12.190.4, 840.19, 22.1245.6, 1534.163, 1933.2, Din.3.2; “τ. ἱεράPCair.Zen.708 (iii B. C.); ἐπὶ τὴν τ. τῶν Διοσκόρων ib.569.24 (iii B. C.); τ. Κυρίου, τ. δαιμονίων, 1 Ep.Cor.10.21.
2. table, as implying what is upon it, meal,ἄνομος τ.Hdt.1.162, cf. E.Alc.2, X.An.7.3.22; also “βορᾶς τ.S.OT1464; Συρακοσίων τ., prov. of luxurious living, Ar.Fr. 216, cf. Pl.R.404d; Σικελικαὶ τ. prov. ap. Jul. Or.6.203a; “πολυτελὴς τ.Epicur.Ep.3p.64U.; δεύτεραι τ. the second course, Plu.2.133e, Ath.14.639b; cf. τράγημα.
II. money-changer's counter,ἐν ἀγορᾷ ἐπὶ τῶν τ.Pl.Ap.17c, cf. Plu.2.70f; “αἱ τ. τῶν κολλυβιστῶνEv.Matt.21.12; most freq. bank, Lys 9.5, etc.; ἐργασία τῆς τ. the right to operate the bank, D.36.6; ἐγγύη ἐπὶ τὴν τ. security given to the bank, Id.33.10; “δοῦναι ἀργύριον ἐπὶ τ.Ev.Luc.19.23; “τὸ ἐπὶ τὴν τ. χρέωςD.33.24; “οἱ ἐπὶ ταῖς τ.bankers, Isoc.17.2; κατασκευάζεσθαι τράπεζαν set up a bank, Is.Fr.66; τῆς τ. ἀνασκευασθείσης the bank having been broken, D.33.9; δημοσία τ. public bank at Delos, IG22.2336.180 (i B. C.); in Egypt, POxy. 835 (Aug.), etc.; βασιλικὴ τ. in Egypt, PEleph.27.22 (iii B. C.), PTeb.27.70 (ii B. C.), etc.; “χειριστὴς τῆς ἐν τῇ Πολέμωνος μερίδι τ.PEnteux.38.1 (iii B. C.); opp. “ἰδιωτικὴ τ.POxy.305 (i A. D.), etc.; κολλυβιστικαὶ τ. ib.1411.4 (iii A. D.).
III. any table or flat surface on which a thing rests: as,
1. cross bench in which the mast is fixed, Sch. Il.15.729; τ. δολωνική, v. δολωνικός.
2. platform on which slaves were exposed for sale, Ar.Fr.874.
3. tablet or slab with a relief or inscription, τ. χαλκῆ Orac. ap. D.21.53, cf. Paus.8.31.3; at a tomb, Plu.2.838c.
4. plinth of a statue, CIG4702.7 (Egypt, iv B. C.).
b. lamp-stand, PSI4.428.39 (iii B. C.).
5. nether millstone, BGU251.17 (i A. D.), Poll.7.19.
6. part of a torsion engine, prob. the plinth, Ph.Bel.54.2, HeroBel.100.1.
7. part of the liver, Nic.Th.560, Polyaen.4.20, Ruf.Onom.180.
8. shoulder-blade, Poll.2.177.
9. grinding surface of the teeth, ib.93, Ruf.Onom.54. (The word is shortd. from τετράπεζα; hence the question καὶ πόθεν ἐγὼ τρίπουν τ. λήψομαι; as if this were an absurdity, Ar.Fr.530; “τ. τρισκελεῖςCratin.301:—so τρίπεζα, τρέπεδδα (qq. v.), of three-legged tables.)
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