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τροχός , , (τρέχω)
A.wheel, Il.6.42, 23.394, etc.; “γῆ ἐπημαξευμένη τροχοῖσινS.Ant.252; ἐν πτερόεντι τ . . . κυλινδόμενον, of Ixion, Pi.P.2.22; τροχοὺς μιμεῖσθαι to imitate wheels, of one who bends back so as to form a wheel, X.Smp.2.22, 7.3: metaph. of fortune, “πότμος ἐν . . θεοῦ τροχῷ κυκλεῖταιS.Fr.871; also “μανίας τροχῷE. Pirith.Oxy.2078 Fr.1.14.
3. wheel of a stage-machine, Ar.Fr.188; also of a water-wheel, τ. τῆς μηχανῆςPOxy.1292.13 (i A. D.); “τ. καὶ μηχανήPSI9.1072.9 (iii A. D.).
5. rotating wheels used in sieges as a defence against projectiles, D.S.17.45.
II. child's hoop, Antyll. ap. Orib.6.26.5, S.E.P.1.106.
III. round cake, κηροῖο, στέατος τ., Od.12.173, 21.178; τ. ἡλίου the sun's disk, Ar.Th.17 (v. infr. B); coil of a serpent, Orph.L.136.
2. large pill (cf. “τροχίσκος2), Sor.1.65, POxy.2144.25 (iii A. D.).
IV. θαλάττης γῆς τε τ. circles or zones of land and sea, Pl.Criti.113d, cf. 115c, 116a, 117c sq., Plu.Luc.39.
V. circuit of a wall or fortification,Κυκλώπιος τ.S.Fr.227, cf. Sch.A Pl.Lg.681a (v. facsim. fol.175v).
VI. ring playing on the bit of a bridle, X. Eq.10.6, Poll.1.184.
2. ring for passing a rope through, on board ship, ib.94.
VII. whirlwind, LXXPs.76(77).18.
VIII. washpot (?), Gal.18(2).671.
IX. a fish or sea-monster (Lat. rota, Plin. HN9.8), Ael.NA13.20.
B. τρόχος, , circular race, Hp.Vict.2.63, 3.68, Insomn.89; μὴ πολλοὺς τ. ἁμιλλητῆρας ἡλίου not many racing courses of the sun, i.e. not many days (codd. τροχούς wheels), S.Ant.1065; “παῖδες ἐκ τρόχων πεπαυμένοιE.Med.46.
2. place for running, race-course, Id.Hipp. 1133 (lyr.).
II. an animal, Herodor.58J. (Trypho ap.Ammon. Diff.p.131 V. distd. the two senses as above.)
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