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ὕω [υ_ in pres. exc. in Herod.7.46]: fut. ὕσω [υ_] Cratin.121, Ar.Nu. 1118, 1129 (both troch.): aor.
A.ὗσαPi.O.7.50, Hdt.2.22, Thphr.CP4.14.3, etc. (v. infr.):—Med., fut. (as Pass.) “ὕσομαιHdt.2.14:—Pass., aor. “ὕσθηνId.3.10: pf. part. “ἐφ-υσμένοςX.Cyn.9.5:—rain,ὗε ΖεύςIl. 12.25, Od.14.457, cf. Hes.Op.488, Thgn.26; κἢν ὕῃ [υ^] Ζεύς Herod.7.46; ὗσον, ὗσον, φίλε Ζεῦ, κατὰ τῆς ἀρούρας Votum ap.M.Ant.5.7; [“ὕει] θεὸςHdt.2.13; “τίς ὕει;Ar.Nu.368 (anap.), cf. 370 sq.; ἵσομεν πρώτοισιν ὑμῖν, of the clouds, ib.1118 (troch.):—but,
2. after Hom. ὕει was used impers. (cf. νείφω, etc.), it rains, Hes.Op.552, Hdt.2.22, 4.28; “ὗσαι ὕδατι λαβροτάτῳId.1.87; εἰ ὗε if it rained, Id.4.185; “ὕοντοςwhen it is raining, Ar.V.774; ὕοντος πολλῷ as it was raining heavily, X.HG1.1.16 (where Eust. read πολλοῦ, 1769.39); πολὺ ὕσαντος after it had rained heavily, Thphr.CP4.14.3; ὕε, κύε, prayer addressed by hierophants to sky and earth, BCH20.79 (Athens, i A. D.), Procl. in Ti.3.176 D.
3. sts. c. acc. loci, ἑπτὰ ἐτέων οὐκ ὗε τὴν Θήρην it did not rain on Thera, Hdt.4.151; “τὴν χώραν ὗεν θεόςPaus.2.29.7; “ὄμβρος ὗε πόντον καὶ νῆσονA.R.2.1115 (hence the pass. usage, v. infr. 11.1.).
II. Pass., with fut. Med., to be drenched with rain,λέων ὑόμενοςOd.6.131; ὕσθησαν αἱ Θῆβαι Thebes was rained upon, i.e. it rained there, Hdt.3.10; “ὕεται χώρηId.2.13, cf. 14,22,25; γῆ ὕεται ὀλίγῳ it rains little or seldom there, Id.1.193; “σῖτος ὑσθείςThphr.HP8.11.4; “ὑόμενος μύρῳAlex.62.8; ὄνος ὕεται he is like an ass in rain, prov. of an obstinate person, Cratin.52 (troch.); “ἐγὼ δὲ τοῖς λόγοις ὄνος ὕομαιCephisod.1.
2. sts., fall down in rain, in a shower,ὑσθῆναί φασιν χρυσόνStr.14.2.10; “ὕδωρ ὑόμενονPlu.2.912a. (Cf. Skt. sunóti 'press out juice'.)
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