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ὑπόμνημα , ατος, τό,
2. tomb, Ath.Mitt.29.294, al. (Mysia).
II. reminder, mention, in a speech, Th.4.126; in a letter, X.An.1.6.3; esp. written reminder, memorandum, . Ζήνωνι παρὰ Διονυσίου, τῷ φέροντί σοι τὸ ., PCair.Zen.307.1,19 (iii B. C.), cf. 301.1, al. (iii B. C.).
2. note or memorandum entered by a tradesman in his day-book, ὑπόμνημα ἀπεγράψατο he had a note made of it, D.49.30, cf. 28.6; of bankers, εἰώθασιν ὑπομνήματα γράφεσθαι ὧν διδόασι χρημάτων . . Id.49.5.
3. mostly in pl., memoranda, notes, Hp.Art.34 (but prob. a gloss), Pl.Phdr.276d; . γράφειν, γράψασθαι, Id.Plt.295c, Tht.143a.
4. minutes of the proceedings of a public body, public records,τὰ κατ᾽ ἄρχοντας .Plu.2.867a, cf. D.S. 1.4, Luc.Dem.Enc.26, etc.; τὰ τῆς βουλῆς . the acts of the Senate, D.C.78.22; ἐπὶ τῶν . τῆς συγκλήτου, = Lat. a commentariis, IG4.588 (Argos, ii A. D.), 5(1).533 (Sparta, ii A. D.); “ἐπὶ τῶν . καταστῆσαί τιναJ.AJ7.5.4, cf. LXX 2 Ki.8.16 (quoted by J.l. c.); records of a magistrate, POxy.1252r.26 (iii A. D.), etc.; including his decisions, Mitteis Chr.372 iv 20 (ii A. D.), POxy.911.8 (iii A. D.), etc.
5. dissertations or treatises written by philosophers, rhetoricians, and artists, Archyt. ap. D.L.8.80 sq., Sotad.Com.1.35, Demetr.Lac.Herc.1014.67, Longin.44.12, D.L.4.4; of historical or geographical works, Plb.1.1.1, 1.35.6, 3.32.4, Ptol.Geog.1.6.2, etc.; of medical works, Gal.6.460,691, al. (the same work is called . and σύγγραμμα in 15.1).
b. division, section, 'book' of such a treatise, Phld.Mus.p.92 K., Po.5.26, PMed. in Arch.Pap.4.270.
c. explanatory notes, commentaries, Sch.Ar.Av.1242, etc.; of the Homeric commentaries of Aristarch., Sch.Il.2.420, al.; εἰ γὰρ τὰ συγγράμματα (Aristarchus' independent treatises on Homeric questions) τῶν ὑπομνημάτων προτάττοιμεν . . Did. ap. Sch.Il.2.111; so Gal. distinguishes ὑπομνήματα (clinical notes) from συγγράμματα of Hippocrates, 16.532,543; and the συγγράμματα of Hp. from his own commentaries (ὑπομνήματα) on them, ib.811; commentary, οὕτω Θέων ἐν . τῷ εἰς Θεόκριτον Et.Gud.d. s.v. γρῖπος.
III. draft or copy of a letter, Pl.Ep.363e.
IV. memorial, petition, addressed to a magistrate, whereas the “ἔντευξις4 is in form addressed to the king, IG12(3).327.4 (Egypt, iii B. C.), BGU1007.1 (iii B. C.), PTeb. 30.10, al. (ii B. C.), UPZ23.2, 28.3 (ii B. C.), etc.
2. notification, e.g. of birth, PFay.28.12 (ii A. D.); of removal, POxy.251.29 (i A. D.), etc.
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